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Watch Kevin Feige make his Simpsons debut as a Thanos-inspired supervillain

By Matthew Jackson
Kevin Feige The Simpsons Chinos

For a lot of fans, few pop culture honors are as great as a cameo appearance on The Simpsons. This Sunday, it will be Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind Kevin Feige's turn to appear on the legendary animated series, but he won't be playing himself. No, prepare to meet...Chinos.

This Sunday's episode, titled "Bart the Bad Guy," follows what happens when Bart Simpson manages to see the latest blockbuster superhero film before anyone else. As a result, he finds himself in possession of numerous spoilers he can use as leverage to get whatever he wants. Because this is Bart Simpson we're talking about, he goes all-out with his newfound power, becoming a supervillain in his own right called "Spoiler-Boy." As Bart grows into his new role, it's up to a pair of movie executives (played by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo) to stop him and save their film. 

In the clip below, you'll see Feige make an appearance not as a movie executive, but as a supervillain within the fictional superhero universe Bart and the other characters are so invested in. As characters like Comic Book Guy and Sideshow Mel watch from their theater seats, Feige plays a very Thanos-like villain called Chinos (as in he has a distinctive chin, not as in the style of pants), who's fighting a group of Avengers-like heroes on a very Titan-like planet. While Thanos is after a bunch of stones, Chinos has fought to get his hands on "The Doomsday App," which will allow him to reset the universe in his own image. Check it out:

In addition to cameos from Feige and the Russo Brothers, "Bart the Bad Guy" will also feature a cameo appearance from MCU veteran Cobie Smulders, who will play the plant-based superhero Hydrangea. "Bart the Bad Guy" airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on FOX. For more on "Bart the Bad Guy," including exclusive photos of the other cameo characters, head over to Variety.