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Watch: Don't text or check your phone during the movie, or M3GAN will literally kill you

Everyone's favorite new killer android is coming after every last movie texter.

By Matthew Jackson

Texas-based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is famous for its anti-talking-and-texting policy. As the company has repeatedly stressed throughout its years of operation, it will kick you out of a movie theater for pulling out your phone, which is one of the major draws for customers who are eager to have a distraction-free time at the movies. But arguably the best part of this policy isn't the policy itself, but the public service announcements the Drafthouse crew have crafted over the years, many of them featuring various pop culture icons warning moviegoers to put their phones away.

Now, it's M3GAN's turn. 

The new sci-fi horror film about the title android and her transformation from experimental new best friend for a little girl (Violet McGraw) into a dancing, killing machine isn't out in theaters for a few more weeks, but M3GAN has already made her mark on pop culture in a big way. Whether the love is ironic or earnest, everybody seems to be talking about M3GAN and its quest to be something like a new Child's Play for the 21st century. The Drafthouse team is, of course, very aware of this, so they teamed up with M3GAN distributor Universal Pictures for one of their trademark PSAs. It's just footage from the film's trailers repurposed with a new voiceover, but when it's configured this way, it'll definitely scare you into putting that phone back in your pocket.

Check out the PSA below:

That's right, M3GAN might herself be an advance piece of technology, but she wants no other technology around when she's trying to watch a movie in a theater. She won't just smack that phone out of your hand. She'll straight up murder you with it, and probably bust some TikTok worthy dance moves while doing it.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone from a script by Akela Cooper, M3GAN is in theaters Jan. 6.

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