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SYFY WIRE Mark Hamill

Watch Mark Hamill sing about King Kong's junk in music video from Quibi's Royalties

By Matthew Jackson
Mark Hamill Mighty As Kong

Mark Hamill has proven to be a man of many talents over the course of his decades-long career. Yes, he's best known for playing a farmboy-turned-Jedi in a long-running sci-fi franchise, but he's also done horror films and historical dramas, and his voice acting career covers everything from the Joker to Chucky and much, much more. Now we can add fictional country singer to the list.

In the latest episode of the Quibi comedy series Royalties, Hamill plays country music star Philip Combs, who gets the chance to sing a new song about King Kong's ... endowment. The series stars Darren Criss and Kether Donohue as a pair of struggling songwriters, and the format means that each episode brings with it a brand-new music video built around the song the characters wrote that week. This time around, the song is called "Mighty As Kong," a ditty inspired by Sara's (Donohue) encounter with a guy who claimed that King Kong wouldn't actually be well-endowed for an ape of his size.

Yes, it's as weird as it sounds, but somehow Hamill still crushes it. Check it out:

It's honestly hard to tell what the best part about this is. It could be the trip through King Kong's storied cinema history, or the bolo tie, or the belt buckle, or the gorilla suit. Or it could just be that Hamill continues to fully commit to everything he does, no matter how silly, to the point that he might actually make a solid country singer if he made a run at it.

The latest episode of Royalties is available now on Quibi.