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Think of all the What Ifs in our Marvel Phase 4 Rap-Up


So after the Hulk snapped and, uh — insert massive spoilers here — happened, where are we at in the MCU?

You probably don’t want your brain to melt from trying to figure out Loki’s next sinister move, or which What Ifs will come to life onscreen. This is why Bierut Films has translated a substantial part of Marvel Studio's upcoming Phase 4 into a rap-up for SYFY WIRE. Yes, that is the right spelling, because this wrap-up is actually rapped.

Phase 4 is complicated. But we break it all down for you ... literally. From Black Widow (sort of) coming back from the dead in a prequel next May to Doctor Strange possibly crossing over into some pretty dangerous territory, we've got you covered.

About those What Ifs. They really are coming to life for summer 2021, but which ones? What if Spider-Man had not married Mary Jane? What if Daredevil was the disciple of Doctor Strange? What if (gasp) the Avengers had lost the Evolutionary War … or defeated everybody? There are way too many possibilities from the comics to even start thinking about which ones will make it to the big screen. But we try.

By the way, the second Doctor Strange movie will be the first horror film in the MCU. Could he be zooming through the Cancer-Verse with Wanda, fighting Shuma-Gorath, or even Nightmare? Someone needs to beg Marvel to do a Zombie-Verse crossover.

There’s just one huge concern here after Disney’s acquisition of Marvel. Is Deadpool’s mouth going to have to be censored now, especially if people are seeing his face around The Happiest Place on Earth? It’s just impossible to imagine the unfiltered merc going PG-13.

Speculation has been rap-tivated, so watch the video to see what else Phase 4 might throw at us!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.