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WATCH: Sabrina's Chance Perdomo wants to raise the dead… and roll for questions


So Chance Perdomo (who plays the nefarious yet lovable Ambrose Spellman on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) can't really raise the dead, but he can pull off a few magic tricks when he rolls for questions with SYFY WIRE's infamous 20-sided die.

What is it that makes Ambrose so fun to play, despite his entanglement in some pretty serious plots that may or may not involve the devil himself? There's a reason he was under house arrest for 75 years and has to spend his days in the attic of the Spellman funeral home until he's finally released from the binding spell that has kept him there. He did blow up the Vatican.

Perdomo has a reason he loves this character to the fires of Hades and back.

"He gives you a lot of artistic freedom," the actor said, "because he is a smorgasbord of complexity, so you really can have fun and do anything goes with Ambrose."

Ambrose is centuries older than he looks, so it makes sense that Perdomo had to answer which time period he felt would be the most awesome to play a warlock in — and he clearly stayed away from any era when suspected witches were burned at the stake. He was more interested in a time that would give him conflict and plot devices to cast his own spell on, specifically Jim Crow-era USA or the founding of America.

Wait, witches were burned at the stake in the 1600s, when Salem was still a colony. It depends if he meant before or after 1776. Somehow, you have to believe that even if he was sentenced to burn to the heavens, Ambrose would, as Perdomo said, "have a hell of a fun time then."

One question gave us a forbidden look into Season 2. When asked which character he wishes Ambrose would team up with in future episodes, Perdomo was quick to answer that it's Prudence. Not only that, but they're going to make a kickass duo.

Watch on to see what other secrets he's been hiding in that attic!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.