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WATCH: Siren cast on working with sea lions for Season 2 debut


The mermaids are back in Bristol Cove for the second season of Freeform’s original series, Siren. The season premiere dropped earlier this week and kicked off a new year of stories and mythology. But in SYFY WIRE’s exclusive behind-the-scenes video, Siren cast members Ian Verdun (Xander) and Fola Evans-Akingbola (Maddie) seem more enthusiastic about working with a pair of sea lions.

Verdun admitted that he was a bit overly excited to appear with the sea lions, while noting that the novelty had worn off for the rest of the crew. Evans-Akingbola shared her enthusiasm for working with the sea lions as well.

“We shoot at this amazing place, [and] they do amazing work with actual sea lions,” explained Evans-Akingbola. “The sea lions we always work with are called Sick and Hazy. And they are cute because they have their own individual personalities.”

She went on to note that only two real sea lions are used on the show, and the rest are added by CGI. Verdun also confessed that he would be less giddy to encounter a sea lion in the wild. But within the context of filming Siren, it brought him joy. Amusingly, Evans-Akingbola revealed the secret to getting a good performance out of Sick and Hazy. She also touched upon what happens when one of the sea lions decides not to stay put for a shot.

You can watch the entire video for more fun tidbits from the first episode of Siren Season 2, which premiered on Freeform last night. Then let us know what you think in the comments below!