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WATCH: Siren's Alex Roe tells us how to nearly get blown up underwater


Thanks to Freeform's Siren, we've had unique looks at the mating habits of mermaids, as well as underwater mermaid fights. After this week's episode, we may be heading towards an even bigger mermaid confrontation. It looks like Ryn's people are starting to see her as more human than mermaid. They may also be less than pleased when they learn that she's seeing both Ben and Maddie romantically.

Speaking of Ben, this week's behind-the-scenes look at Siren focuses on his underwater peril. Ben’s portrayer, Alex Roe, couldn't hide his excitement when talking about performing the explosive stunt underwater.

"If anyone's blasted underwater, you're clipped in [and] you have a pulley attached to your harness... and you're just yanked by that rope," said Roe. "Every time he's getting blasted by a sonic canon or if he has to go underwater and stuff, there's just the boy inside me that’s like 'yeah!'"

Additionally, the video offers a glimpse of the huge tank that the Siren cast uses for their underwater sequences, as well as the special camera used to capture the action. According to Roe, there's an optimum depth to reach just to ensure that the cast can stay in one place for a take. He also revealed how the cast is able to communicate with the director of each episode when shooting those scenes. As noted by Roe, the actors still have to hit their marks even when surrounded by water.

For more details, check out the entire clip! Siren airs Thursdays at 8PM on Freeform.