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SYFY WIRE The Boss Baby: Family Business

Watch the hosts of The Today Show get baby-fied for 'The Boss Baby: Family Business' interview

By Matthew Jackson
The Boss Baby 2

When you're conducting an interview on live television, it's important to be prepared for anything, and that's especially true when the interview setup involves things like animals and babies. You just never know what they might do. They could start crying, decide to wander away from the camera, or maybe offer you a taste of their special formula that will revert you to baby business while you're still talking and thinking in your adult voice. 

The Boss Baby: Family Business, the second film in the DreamWorks animated franchise that launched with The Boss Baby in 2017, arrives this weekend — and to celebrate the title character (voiced by Alec Baldwin) decided to visit The Today Show Tuesday and give hosts Al Roker and Hoda Kotb a little taste of what his life is like. In the middle of an interview about his daily life as a baby who is also a high-powered executive with an adult speaking voice, the Boss Baby decided it was time for the interviewers to walk (or crawl, as the case may be) a mile in his diapers, and offered them a swig of formula. In the clip below, you can see what happens as, for the first time, The Today Show is hosted by two talking babies. Check it out:

After the events of the first film, Family Business picks up as the Boss Baby himself, Ted Templeton (Baldwin), is all grown up and living a normal life as a CEO. But everything changes when a new Boss Baby who also happens to be a secret agent for Baby Corp (Amy Sedaris) emerges in the Templeton family. With a new mission and the mysterious case of his niece's school (Jeff Goldblum) causing concern, Ted will have to go back to his baby ways, and get closer to his family than he ever dreamed possible. 

Directed by The Boss Baby helmer Tom McGrath, Family Business also features returning cast members James Marsden, Lisa Kudrow, and Jimmy Kimmel. The film arrives Friday in theaters and streaming on Peacock, but perhaps that's not the real news here. Now that we have the technology to turn the hosts of Today into Boss Babies, would it be going too far to get them to host the entirety of this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Baby form?

(DreamWorks Animation and SYFY WIRE are both owned by NBCUniversal.)