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WATCH: Reboot, Remake or Retire - '90s Cartoons edition


Forget about the stresses of your life for a moment and try imagining what it would be like having an unnervingly human conversation with your appendix, which was just removed. Of course, it's not your life... it's Rocko’s Modern Life.

Netflix is bringing back the extremely expressive wallaby (he is a wallaby for anyone who thought he was some other species) to star in his very own movie. In honor of such '90s goodness, SYFY WIRE’s Angélique Roché, Jackie Jennings, and Jon Erwin munched on some fish sticks with tartar sauce while debating what they want to see in the movie — and which other cartoons from the ‘90s should be rebooted, remade, or just retired.

While likely nobody really needs to watch Rocko communicating with a disembodied organ ever again, what about him dating? We did see a glimpse of that before. Spoiler: it didn’t go over too well.

Can you imagine this creature on a dating site, reluctant to message anyone, with Heffer sitting there and writing the most ridiculous things to potential matches? You totally can, because ruining what starts out as a perfectly normal situation is what Heffer does best.

So which '90s Nickelodeon cartoons, obscure superhero cartoons, MTV cartoons, and sci-fi cartoons does our panel want back?

Earthworm Jim is too... slimy. The Tick might deserve another chance in animated form. The Powerpuff Girls is just something the world needs more of. Gargoyles should make a badass return. Then there’s Daria. She needs to be time-warped into 2019 to give her dry, sarcastic commentary on everything twisted going on in the world today.

And what about Biker Mice from Mars? Captain Planet? The actual show Reboot? In fandom, something always has to get sacrificed somewhere, but watch the video for more retro awesomeness!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.