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WATCH: Toy Story fan theories: legit or BS?

By Jackie Jennings

A week from today, Woody, Buzz, and the rest of our favorites return to the big screen in Toy Story 4. For over two decades, Pixar and Disney have regaled fans with stories about the inhabitants of Andy’s bedroom, most of whom now live with a young girl named Bonny. However, the mythology behind the series hasn’t fully been explored outside of the three previously released films. To fill the gaps, fans have come up with their own Toy Story theories. So in the latest episode of SYFY WIRE’s Legit or BS, we’re tackling four of the most popular Toy Story fan theories and rendering a judgment!

One of the most prevalent theories is that Psycho Sid from the original Toy Story grew up to become the Trash Man from Toy Story 3. There is some evidence to support this, as the trash man is wearing the same shirt that Sid wore. He’d be about the right age, since Sid was older than Andy. Erik von Detten also voiced both characters. So perhaps the real question is whether we should accept this as Sid’s redemption, since the Trash Man cares about the toys he finds. Did Buzz and Woody scare Sid straight? And isn’t redemption possible for everyone regardless of whether they were “nice”?

Another idea that was put forth suggests that Woody represents Andy’s real dad, while Buzz represents his cool step-dad. It’s an intriguing notion, even if it isn’t really supported by the films. After all, we only ever get to meet Andy’s mom, sister, and their beloved dog. There’s no dad in the picture, step-dad or otherwise. 

In an amusing parallel, one fan pointed out a lot of similarities between Toy Story and The Walking Dead. It gets so caught up in the Rick/Woody vs. Shane/Buzz comparisons that it doesn’t even mention that Bo Peep is essentially the Carol of the Toy Story saga. And the Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear is totally the Governor.  

Finally, we’re looking at the wild notion that Toy Story is a metaphor for the Illuminati’s control of mankind. But you’ll have to watch the entire video to get the details on that theory!