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WATCH: Wesley Snipes and other Marvel stars share memories of Stan Lee

By Adam Pockross

Marvel stars gathered at a Stan Lee tribute event this week to honor the late legendary creator. Everyone from producers to cast members came together to share their experiences working with Lee and how unforgettable his work truly is.

SYFY WIRE spoke to Clark Gregg, Wesley Snipes, Seth Green, Ludwig Göransson, and more at the event. Gregg recalled the many Lee cameos he was a part of, and when remembering her work with Lee Runways star Ariela Barer hoped she has a Lee energy in everything that she does. Bill Duke said the creator had the ability to make you care about characters, unlike many movies today, and Bob Sabouni of Marvel Studios admitted Lee made his job “so much easier.”

“All you had to do was sit back and let him do his thing. Honestly, with Stan it was about not getting in his way a lot of times,” Sabouni told SYFY WIRE.

The stars also weighed in on what “excelsior” means to them. To Jack E. Curenton, it means never, ever give up. For producer Terri Lubaroff, it’s about following your dreams and not letting anyone stop you.

“That’s what Stan Lee embodied,” she said.

See what else these stars shared in the video below, and share your favorite memory of Stan Lee with us in the comments!