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WIRE Buzz: Damon Lindelof reveals who won't pop up on Watchmen; a Titans promotion; more

By Brian Silliman
Doctor Manhattan Watchmen

Though we've seen some amazing reappearances from classic characters in HBO's Watchmen this first season, series creator Damon Lindelof has confirmed that there is one legacy character that fans should not expect to see. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about revelations from the latest episode, Lindelof makes it clear who won't be joining Agent Blake (Jean Smart), Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons), and... you know who... on Team Reunion. Fans should not expect to see Dan Dreiberg, aka the second Nite Owl. 

"I regret to inform you…and you have my word on this…" Lindelof says, "...there will be no Dan in this season of Watchmen. Beyond his hovership and dildo design, there was no natural fit for him in this particular story." Lindelof then directs fans to the now infamous Peteypedia, where they can get a look at Dan's dildo design, and the dastardly clever name that he gave to it. 

The hit HBO series has not yet been picked up for a second season, but fans seem to be ravenous for more of Lindelof's secret-filled "remix." Dan has been mentioned on the series, but it was a reference to him being locked up. If there is a second season (and we really, really hope there is), then maybe Dan will pop up there. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with Laurie, the dildo, and Ozymandias shouting, "MISS CROOKSHANKS!" 

(via CBR)

The team over at Titans on DC Universe is about to give one new member of the cast a big promotion for the show's third season. 

TVLine reports that Damaris Lewis (BlacKkKlansman, Pose) will be made a series regular for the show's next round. The promotion is probably not a surprise to those who have already streamed the finale of DC Universe's most prominent original show — Lewis' character, and her connection to a major member of the main cast, is very clear if you have seen the episode (and a spoiler if you haven't).

Damaris Lewis

Let's just say we see her in a parking lot, and she undergoes a transformation. We're not going to spoil it, but things on Titans are going to continue to escalate. Shocker! 

Other Titans casting news is unknown at this time — it's very much of the who lived, who died, and who is really dead variety... and even then, you never really know.

Even though the films of Studio Ghibli will soon be streaming on HBO Max, everyone who loves the work of that studio (and who doesn't, seriously) will have a chance to digitally purchase them prior to that.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, GKIDS will offer all 21 films in the Ghibli roster for purchase on Dec. 17, which will come long before their streaming debut on the new HBO Max service in May 2020. 

Fans will be able to digitally purchase such classics as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle in the U.S. and Canada just in time for the holidays, on services which include Apple TV, Amazon VOD, Vudu, Google Play, Sony, Microsoft, and Fandango Now. 

The holidays are going to be glorious (and a little surreal) for fans of Studio Ghibli.