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WIRE Buzz: Black Lightning debuts Wayne Brady's Gravedigger; The DC Daily Podcast; more

By Jacob Oller
Harley Quinn DC Universe

Sorry, Chappelle's Show, but Wayne Brady is going bad on a new TV series: Black Lightning. The comedian and Whose Line Is It Anyway? star is getting a guest spot on The CW superhero show’s third season as Tyson Spikes aka Gravedigger.

That character debuted as Captain Ulysses Hazard in 1977, then was reimagined as Tyson Sykes in 2008, but he's always been an African-American soldier whose race has been central to his identity.

According to EW, Black Lightning’s take on the character is a Captain America-like World War II-era supersoldier who left the U.S. for Markovia after the war. Rather than come back to a country that still treated him as a second-class citizen, Spikes strove to create a nation specifically for superhumans. Ringing any X-Men bells? In fans’ first look at the character, Brady is going full scarred, military badass.

Check it out:

Who does he have that gun trained on? Lynn (Christine Adams)?

Fans can find out soon, as Gravedigger will make his TV debut in the upcoming Black Lightning episode “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four” on Feb. 10.

Next, DC’s expanded universe of content is growing its media multiverse. DC Universe, the comic giant’s streaming service, has had on-the-ground web series DC Daily welcoming fans into the wide world of comics, TV, and movies — including news, interviews, and more. Now that same idea will add a podcast to the team.

According to a release, The DC Daily Podcast will be a new extension to the show, including “expansive, long-form interviews” with creatives like Joker cinematographer Lawrence Sher, Arrow actresses Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy, and iconic comic writer Brian Michael Bendis. The twice-a-week show will have these interviews on Tuesdays and news roundups from the DC Daily team on Fridays.

Currently, interviews with Sher, Cassidy, and Harkavy are available now wherever fans download podcasts — no DC Universe subscription required.

Finally, all the buzz surrounding Google’s gaming streaming service has died off a little and the competitors are beginning to come out of the woodwork. One of the most interesting rivals to Google Stadia might be Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

The graphics card company finally pushed their streaming service (gamers can play a library of games on their computer, streamed from a cloud) out of beta, according to The Verge. The difference between this and Stadia is that Stadia has its own library of games; GeForce Now allows players to access the library of games they already own. That means if you’re shooting portals on your gaming desktop, you can hop over to your wimpy laptop and — hopefully — pick up right where you left off with little to no drop in quality.

This service swaps hardcore hardware for great internet connection needs (“15 Mbps connection or better, 30 Mbps for 1080p60 streaming, and 50 Mbps” for best) and will run gamers five bucks a month if they jump on the limited-time Founder’s plan. There’s also a free trial that allows gamers to test things out for an hour-long play session using one of the 1000+ games that the service supports.

Options for GeForce Now can be explored here.