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Blumhouse invites you to 'unsettle in' with trailer for first 4 horror films in new Amazon series

By Matthew Jackson
Black Box - Welcome to the Blumhouse

Back in the fall of 2018, Amazon Studios announced a partnership with Blumhouse — the horror production company known for modern classics like Get Out and The Invisible Man — for a series of eight new horror films set to debut on Amazon Prime. Just a few weeks ago, we learned the names and premiere dates of the first four films. Now, just weeks ahead of their launch, Welcome to the Blumhouse has unleashed its unsettling first teaser. 

Beginning October 6, Amazon Prime Video will drop two different horror double features from Blumhouse under the Welcome to the Blumhouse banner, from sci-fi horror to psychological terror. The four films are billed as being linked by “family and love as redemptive or destructive forces” and feature everything we've come to love about the Blumhouse brand: Distinctive visuals, a blend of new and experienced faces onscreen, and a blend of new and experienced voices behind the camera. 

In the teaser above, we see glimpses of each of the four films set to launch next month — Black BoxThe LieNocturne, and Evil Eye — and though the footage blends them all together, the overall effect is both unnerving and exciting. Each film aims to stand on its own as a new Blumhouse horror experience — in the same way that Into the Dark, their Hulu streaming series, has played in recent years — but their combined horror might is something worth taking in. 

The terror kicks off October 6 with Black Box and The Lie. The former, from writer/director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr., follows a man undergoing a dangerous experimental treatment in the wake of a traumatic accident, while the latter, from writer/director Veena Sud, is the story of two parents who fight to cover up their daughter's crime after she kills her best friend on an impulse.

Welcome to the Blumhouse then continues a week later, with both Evil Eye and Nocturne dropping October 16. The first film, from directors Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani, follows a romance that threatens to fall apart when a woman's mother believes her daughter's new boyfriend has some dark connection to her past, while the second, from director Zu Quirke, follows twin sisters at a prestigious music academy and the changes they go through after one of them finds the notebook of a dead former student.

So, as the teaser said, get ready to "unsettle in," because a new Blumhouse horror initiative begins in a little more than a month, just in time for Halloween.