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SYFY WIRE Midsommar

Wet Hot American MidSommar mash-up gives us the happy horror ending we deserve

By Benjamin Bullard
Midsommar Will Poulter William Jackson Harper Jack Reynor

How has Midsommar been out for a whole week already, yet we’re just now getting an inspired spoof like this? The uncanny (and yes, funny) overlap between Ari Aster’s broad-daylight creepfest and David Wain’s 2001 cult comedy classic Wet Hot American Summer makes these two very different movies fit alongside one another so well that it’s hard to distinguish between Camp Firewood and Midsommar’s trippy Swedish village.

A YouTuber who goes by the handle of thatmattcaronguy spliced together this scary-hilarious edit to produce the ingeniously-named Wet Hot American MidSommar, a fan homage that somehow manages to make American Summer look unsettling (just check out how the Skylab crash takes on a whole new horror vibe), while making Midsommar look — and we can’t believe we’re about to say this — pleasantly, blithely silly. 

No big spoilers for the real Midsommar here, but when things reach their freakout zenith by the clip’s end, hey — it’s all good! Everyone’s just harmlessly losing their ever-loving minds with anticipation for Camp Firewood’s epic talent show. What? Were you expecting something a little more un-bearable? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) 

As for Midsommar itself, the only laughing you’re likely to do is the mad-with-terror kind. Critics have been quick to embrace Aster’s Hereditary follow-up, praising the film’s David Lynch-like ability to scare the bejeezus out of you even in the daytime, and characterizing its slow-burn progression from tolerable discomfort to outright insanity as setting a new bar for horror films that rely on murky hallways and jump scares. 

After watching this mash-up, the only thing that might make Midsommar even better is if American Summer’s Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Janeane Garofalo (and maybe even a can of veggies) somehow wandered their way into the mix. Not that we’re complaining, though: Starring Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper, and Jack Reynor, Midsommar is now playing in theaters everywhere.