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What will you buy for the Harry Potter superfans in your life?


The holiday season only comes once a year, and if you've ever been a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, then you know this is true: There's nothing quite like Christmas at Hogwarts! Sadly, we Muggles will simply have to celebrate outside of the castle ... but the good news is that there's never been a better time to be a Harry Potter superfan.

Naturally, there are degrees of fandom, and it's good to know what the Potter lover in your life would prefer. Especially if that Potter fanatic is you! Hey, sometimes there's no better gift than the ones that we buy for ourselves. Regardless, there's a Harry Potter-inspired gift for everyone this year. For example, the famous Yule Ball from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been revisited as a series of Funko figures, with all of the Triwizard champions recreated in their finest outfits. But if that's not enough for you, wave your wand at Funko's giant Hedwig. This owl won't deliver your mail, but he may steal your heart.

The beauty of these gifts is that there are some that are meant to be enjoyed by friends and family together, including the Harry Potter-inspired games. However, the ones that we value the most are the gifts that offer a personalized experience. It's the closest we're ever gonna get to being accepted to Hogwarts!

For more gift ideas, check out the rest of SYFY WIRE's Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide. And always remember that you're a wizard in our book!