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What would Arya Stark and Kylo Ren's child be like? Watch our SDCC conversation to find out


Just because San Diego Comic-Con has to wrap up for the night doesn't mean that we have to! Welcome back to SYFY WIRE Con After Dark. We're too busy for sleep, and we can't rest until we answer the eternal question: "Who's Their Child?" The rules of this geek discussion are simple: Our panel is given a pairing from film and television, no matter how unlikely, and then they have to describe what their children would be like.

First up is Game of Thrones’ resident face-swapping assassin Arya Stark and Star Wars' patricide-loving Sith, Kylo Ren. We strongly suspect that Arya would sooner kill Kylo than mate with him, but that’s that isn't an option in the rules for the game. So instead, we inferred a few facts about the product of their union.

One of the later pairings both came from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World: Harry Potter and Voldemort. Unless there's some magic that J.K. hasn't told us about yet, they'd have to adopt, but even so... yikes. That poor kid. A product of that union would be very, very conflicted. And also powerful beyond belief.

Also on the agenda was the more pleasant pairing of The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon and the MCU's Valkyrie. Somehow, we suspect that their kids are going to be very good hunters and fighters.

There was at least one pairing we were against from the beginning: Spock and the old-school She-Ra. We suspect that Spock-Ra would be the kind of kid who reminds the teacher that they didn't assign homework. And that's something we can't abide!

For the rest of our "Who's Their Child?" candidates, check out the full video!