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Which horror movies should have been cult classics?


Do you know the difference between a cult movie and a bad film? To be honest, it can be a pretty thin line between them. There are plenty of cult classics that weren't recognized by critics in their own time. However, there are also cult classics that were embraced by audiences despite an apparent lack of quality.

SYFY WIRE's Jackie Jennings and Nore Davis recently had a chance to chat with Joel Meares, the editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes. Meares' new book, Rotten Movies We Love, just happens to tackle the timely topic about which horror movies deserve to be considered cult classics. For example, Hereditary doesn't qualify for cult status because it was greeted with overwhelmingly positive reviews when it hit theaters. That makes it more of a mainstream horror hit rather than a cult favorite.

On the other hand, Meares believes that The Strangers: Prey At Night deserves a second look for cult status. The original film, The Strangers, had a higher Rotten Tomatoes score but the sequel deserved a much better reception than it received. Additionally, Meares had a lot of praise for Jennifer's Body, a modern horror film that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Jennifer's Body was ahead of its time and features one of Megan Fox's best performances as titular possessed heroine. That film gave Fox a lot to play with and it's a delight to see her walk away with the movie.

For more horror movies that deserve to be cult classics, check out the full video!