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Our best theory on who the syndicate behind the syndicate might be in 'The Book of Boba Fett'

The Pyke Syndicate can't really be behind everything, so we have a theory. 

By Brian Silliman
The Book of Boba Fett PRESS

Who is really making Boba Fett's life so difficult? Chapter 3 of The Book of Boba Fett gives one possible explanation, but we aren't shelling out the credits for it just yet. It's too easy, and it's too early in the series for mysteries to be tied up with bows. 

Some fans are wondering if this new series will have a "Mark Hamill appears as Luke Skywalker" moment like Season 2 of The Mandalorian did. We're wondering that too, and if this series does have such a moment, we're gonna go berserk and call it now. It's not as big as a de-aged Hamill appearing as Luke, but it would make perfect sense within the larger scope of Star Wars canon. 

***WARNING: From this point forward, there will be spoilers for Chapter 3 of The Book of Boba Fett. If you haven't watched yet, then get outta here, Dewey!***

The Book of Boba Fett PRESS

In a Chapter 3 flashback sequence, Boba (Temuera Morrison) goes to confront the Pyke Syndicate. He and the Tusken tribe that adopted him took out their pod-train in Chapter 2, and he demanded that tribute now be paid to the Tuskens. 

The Pyke stammers that the larger Pyke Syndicate will only allow them to pay off one group at a time. The "Kintan Striders" have already been paid off, and we are led to believe that they are the Nikto speeder gang that has been making everyone miserable and tagging every surface in sight. Later in the episode, the Hutt Twins apologize to Boba and tell him that they are leaving. "This territory has already been promised to another syndicate," they say. At the end of the episode, a swarm of Pykes arrive on a ship. Many more seem to be well on their way. 

Is the Pyke Syndicate what everyone is afraid of? Possibly, but... really? Even if Mos Espa was promised to them, as the Hutts said, who did the promising? We have a fine idea of precisely what syndicate is standing behind the Pykes. 

Crimson Dawn, back from the dead after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story


The canonical Marvel comics had a giant event last year titled War of the Bounty Hunters, and in that event it was established that Q'ira (played by Emilia Clarke in Solo) secretly brought Crimson Dawn back. As the de-facto leader of the reborn syndicate, she caused havoc for every other group of criminals out there. All of this took place before Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Her story in the comics isn't over, either, because a new tale began in it's wake. Crimson Reign will pick it up, and it will continue to show how she has embedded Crimson Dawn agents everywhere. Nothing has happened so far that would make us think that both Q'ira and Crimson Dawn aren't still around in the time period of The Book of Boba Fett, and going by the way she is depicted in the comics, it would be all too easy for Q'ira to conquer the Pykes and be pulling the strings.

Who promised Mos Espa to the Pyke Syndicate? Q'ira. Who could show up at the end of this series? Emilia Clarke, playing Q'ira. They had to de-age Hamill, but they'd have to add age to Clarke to make it fit.

Star Wars: Crimson Reign #1 Comic Cover CX

Are we crazy here? Maybe, but Clarke is already in the Disney mix as she is going to be a part of the Marvel streaming series Secret Invasion. This series has also shown that it pays attention to what is going on in comics; the arrival of Black Krrsantan let us all know that for certain. The Hutt Council is dead, and the only other Hutts who still have pulses just apologized and left. Garsa Fwip (Jennifer Beals) certainly knows more than she is letting on, and she could be one of Q'ira's embedded informants. From our point of view, all signs point to Q'ira. 

If this is the case, and Clarke does appear somehow on this series, then she could potentially stay in the mix for a longer period of time. Did Clarke sign on to two Disney+ series at once? Anything is possible with Mickey holding the wallet. This wouldn't be the giant seismic charge that the appearance of Luke Skywalker was, but for fans of Solo (and the entire "Make Solo 2 Happen" contingent) it would be huge. It would continue to story threads that began there, and were then continued in the comics. It would give the entire Star Wars galaxy an even bigger sense of connectivity. It's a long shot, but never tell us the odds. We're betting on Q'ira. 

If it's not her, then it's Mephisto

The Book of Boba Fett streams on Disney+ every Wednesday.