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Yes, Devon Sawa Is Playing Another Chucky Character. Why? Because He's a "Good Sport About Being Killed"

Devon Sawa's previous Chucky characters didn't make it out alive. Will his Season 3 character be the same?

By James Grebey
Inside Chucky: Behind the White House with Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa has elected to be in another season of Chucky — and this time, he’s playing another new character, one who has been elected to the White House. In Season 3 of the SYFY and USA Network hit series, Sawa plays James Collins, the president of the United States and father to Henry Collins, his son who has unwittingly bonded to the titular killer doll. Given the grisly fates of the three previous characters Sawa played on the show (Logan and Lucas Wheeler in Season 1, and Father Bryce in Season 2), Sawa’s new POTUS might be in trouble, especially with Chucky in the Oval Office. So, why come back? 

Why does Devon Sawa keep coming back as new characters on Chucky?

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“He’s a tremendous actor, he’s a great human being so he’s beloved on set, and he’s so great with the rest of the cast and the crew,” Chucky executive producer Alex Hedlund explained to SYFY WIRE ahead of the Season 3 premiere on October 4. But, there’s another reason Sawa’s back for more presumable bloodshed. 

“He’s a good sport about being killed so many times,” Hedlund said.

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“If we could, I think we would kill him multiple times per season, because he’s willing to roll with the punches and sort of endure all these crazy deaths and being tortured and dismembered and whatnot,” he continued.  

What Does the Creator of Chucky Think About Devon Sawa?

While Hedlund admits that there is “certainly a wry sensibility” about introducing Sawa as another character, it’s good for fans of the show, too — both returning viewers and first-time watchers. 

“For the returning fans, it’s great that they get to see another familiar face and have that connection to the other seasons and keep reimagining that character. I mean, Ryan Murphy sort of does that with a lot of his cast members,” Hedlund said, referencing American Horror Story’s recurring stable of actors, including Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters. 

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“Hopefully that is kind of a nice way to bridge the gap between returning fans, while also making it so that anybody who is coming in fresh — who may have not seen the first two seasons — won’t feel like a party crasher because it’s a whole new family that we’re being introduced to along with the returning characters as well," he said.

Only time will tell if Sawa makes it through Season 3 in one piece ...

Chucky Season 3 begins on SYFY and USA Network on October 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, streaming the next day on Peacock, followed by new episodes of SurrealEstate at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.

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