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Devon Sawa Claims Chucky Co-Star Jennifer Tilly Cheated in Mini Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off (Watch)

How has it taken us this long to learn about the existence of this tiny (and tasty) tournament?!

By Josh Weiss

Forget Throwdown! with Bobby Flay — we want an entire series where the Chucky cast members compete to see who can make the best-looking miniature food. We're not entirely sure how this flew under the radar for so long, but Devon Sawa (President James Collins in Season 3) and Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany Valentine) went head-to-head last fall in a tiny pumpkin pie bake-off hosted by Tastemade.

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Tilly, who may have had an unfair advantage by bringing a pocket-sized Chucky figurine to the proceedings, won the culinary encounter. But Sawa is now contesting the results half a year later. Posting on X (formerly Twitter) this week, the actor playfully accused his television co-star of skullduggery. In the video itself (see below), Sawa calls Tilly out for copying his ingenious whipped cream swirl.

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Watch Chucky Stars Devon Sawa & Jeniffer Tilly Throw Down in Mini Pie Bake-Off


Perhaps Sawa wasn't giving enough credit to Tilly, who prepared innumerable meals for her family growing up. "We were very poor," she explained to host Monica Padman. "My parents were hippies, so I cooked everything for the whole family ... Now I've been cooking every single day during the pandemic, so I think I'm pretty good."

While Sawa isn't as culinarily accomplished, his kitchen skills did get a whole lot better during the COVID-19 health crisis. "I have been teaching myself to cook from YouTube during the pandemic," he said. "I learned to make bread. I went as far as making a sourdough starter, which I have kept alive this entire time, and I think its one-year birthday is coming up."

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