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Why we mourn our favorite Avengers and Game of Thrones warriors [Ep #83]

By Jordan Zakarin
Game of Thrones/Avengers: Endgame collage

First, it was one of the most anticipated geek weekends of all time. Then it became perhaps the most devastating.

The near-simultaneous release of Avengers: Endgame and the airing of the epic "Battle of Winterfell" episode of Game of Thrones meant that some of the most beloved characters of the last decade would meet their fates in concert. And while the fallen were all fictional, the deep bonds that fans created with these characters were very real, making their deaths legitimately painful for millions of people around the world. It may seem a bit strange, mourning fictional characters, but according to Dr. Patrick O'Connor, there's nothing wrong with it at all.

Dr. O'Connor runs, a website that catalogs comic books that might help therapists and patients in their sessions, as well as offer further inspiration. He joined The Fandom Files this week to discuss why we grieve fictional characters and how to handle the loss of one's favorite superheroes and Westerosians. If you need help coming to terms with the deaths in Endgame, consider this a free session.