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William Shatner posts Kirk-style 'captain's logs' amid coronavirus isolation

By Josh Weiss
William Shatner Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Twitter...the final frontier.

While he recently said he would no longer play Captain James T. Kirk onscreen, William Shatner has discovered that you can take the man out of the Star Trek, but you can't take the Star Trek out of the man. Beaming onto social media, the actor has been tweeting captain-style "logs" (the kind of which Kirk would dictate on the show and in the feature films), which offer updates on his life amid the coronavirus pandemic. We like to imagine he's social distancing on the deck of the USS Enterprise.

"Captain’s Log: Stardate 1 of self-imposed isolation. After having arrived at Planet Home, I was warmly greeted by Emissaries Espresso and Macchiato. I look forward to my planned respite from my normal duties. Kirk out," Shatner wrote in the first "log" from yesterday. 

Espresso and Macchiato are his dogs, for the record.

In a later "supplemental" entry to his captain's record, Shatner thanked fans who (per The Hollywood Reporter) bought tickets to see him during an international tour that ended early because of the virus.

"While reflecting upon my experiences of the past week, I do want to send my love, thanks, and respect to those in Europe who came out to see me. For those canceled appearances I will work towards seeing if I can get back to those venues at some point," he wrote.

Espresso and Macchiato were once again mentioned in the second "log" from today, where Shatner talks about his canines undertaking a special exploratory mission (presumably assigned to them by the United Federation of Planets).

"Captain’s Log: Stardate 2 of self imposed isolation," he tweeted. "Emissaries Macchiato and Espresso have been exploring a new territory called Underbed bestowing upon me tributes of missing socks and other items in an attempt to get my attention and adoration."

Shatner isn't the first celebrity to use his platform in an effort to assuage anxiety during this trying time. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Max Brooks are just a few of the people who have attempted to entertain and inform the quarantined masses via social media.