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WIRE Buzz: Bella Thorne to The Friendship Game; Colin Hanks in Jumanji 3; more

By Christian Long
Bella Thorne Assassination Nation

Actress Bella Thorne has decided to play The Friendship Game. The Assassination Nation actress has signed on to star and executive produce the upcoming sci-fi horror film, per a report from Variety. The film follows a group of friends who find a strange object that forces them to test their loyalty to one another, with increasingly catastrophic results. 

Thorne has quite a history with horror flicks, including Amityville: The Awakening, the post-apocalyptic I Still See You, and MTV's Scream series. 

The script comes from Damien Ober, who's penned scripts for the Netflix mind-bender The OA. Scooter Corkle will direct. 

Next up, Colin Hanks will be reprising the role of Alex Vreeke in the upcoming Jumanji sequel. In 2017's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Vreeke was a kid who ended up getting sucked into the Jumanji videogame. Hanks, obviously, played his older self.

Now, the actor confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that "I’m not allowed to discuss or confirm or deny anything involving the Jumanji sequel. With the exception of, I am in it." 

Despite all the secrecy, Hanks did offer a clue to his role. Namely that he wasn't out in Hawaii with the rest of the cast.  

"I got to shoot all my stuff in Atlanta. Since I was one of the characters that existed outside of the game, I don’t get the plush, tropical locale."

We'll find out more when the next Jumanji film opens on December 13. 

Finally, Paget Brewster is getting to spread her wings as Birdgirl. Adult Swim has ordered the animated series, according to Deadline, which is a spinoff from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, which aired in the middle-aughts. 

The premise of Birdgirl stars with her alter ego, Judy Ken Sebben, being named CEO of the world’s largest corporation, Sebben & Sebben. Now, she juggles her work life and her superhero life while trying to find a balance between the two. Been there. 

Brewster's Birdgirl appeared in a handful of episodes of the original series, and reprised he role for last year's one-off special, Harvey Birdman: Attorney General. She's also voiced Lana Lang in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as Lois Lane in Justice League: Gods and Monsters. She can currently be heard portraying the lovable Della Duck on DuckTales

Adult Swim hasn't offered any additional details regarding Birdgirl at this time. 

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