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WIRE Buzz: Goonies 2 pitch; Halloween illustrated book; and ISS doc sneak peek

By Josh Weiss
Adam F. Goldberg Goonies

Adam F. Goldberg is officially pitching his idea for a Goonies sequel to Richard Donner this Friday (Oct. 30). The Goldbergs creator was hoping to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic was over to meet in person with the legendary director, but since that's not happening anytime soon, they'll be meeting up over Zoom instead. Goldberg revealed the exciting news over Twitter along with a piece of concept art drawn by Michael Barnard. 

"I don't want to give too much away, but COOL!" wrote Goldberg, who's been developing the potential follow-up movie (he's titled it Goonies II: Never Say Die) for nearly two decades. He pitched Donner all the way back in 2005, but things didn't go over well. He was inspired to revisit the idea after paying homage to The Goonies in a 2014 episode of The Goldbergs.

During a virtual reunion in late April, Steven Spielberg (who executive produced the original) explained why a sequel was to the beloved 1985 adventure flick was never made.

"Chris and [director Richard Donner] and I — and Lauren [Shuler Donner] — have had a lot of conversations about it. Every couple of years we come up with an idea, but then it doesn't hold water," he said. "The problem is the bar that all of you raised on this genre ... I don't think we've really successfully been able to find an idea that is better than The Goonies we all made in the '80s, so until we do, people are just gonna have to look at this [reunion] a hundred times."

Goldberg's plan of attack is to revisit the first movie's young protagonists as adults and see how their lives and relationships have changed over the last 35 years.

David Gordon Green is expanding his role in the iconic Halloween universe. In addition to writing the latest Haddonfield-set trilogy, the filmmaker is also writing an illustrated children's book — The Legend of Halloween — based on the events of John Carpenter's 1978 original. Featuring artwork from Onur Tukel, the book (like Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas) puts a kid-friendly spin on a horror classic. 

"I have nine-year-old twin boys and I try to be somewhat cautious of the content that they absorb. I thought this would be a fun way to tell the story and establish the world of Halloween that John Carpenter and Debra Hill started," Green told Entertainment Weekly, which debuted some of the publication's interior pages. "So many movies almost feel disposable these days, there's so much content out. As a film geek myself, I miss the world of movie posters and collectibles. I think this is a fun way that I can help create things that like-minded enthusiasts enjoy."

The Legend of Halloween

You can get more info on the book (produced with the consent of Malek Akkad and Ryan Freimann) here. No release date has been set. Halloween Kills, the sequel to Green's 2018 reboot of the franchise, is slated to arrive in theaters next October. The trilogy capper — Halloween Ends — will follow in fall 2022.

Revel in the joy of international scientific cooperation with a sneak peek at The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station. Directed by Clare Lewins and produced by BAFTA-winner George Chignell, the upcoming documentary shines a light on the incredible feats humanity is capable of when we all work together. In this case, the subject matter is centered around the International Space Station, which was made possible by rival nations coming together for the betterment of our species.

The film features interviews with several astronauts who worked on the station: Scott Kelly, Tim Peake, Bill Shepherd, Frank Culberston, Peggy Whitson, Cady Coleman, Koichi Wakata, and Samantha Cristoforetti.

Take a look:

"Drawing on breathtaking archive and interviews shot with astronauts, cosmonauts, family members and colleagues, the film revels in the remarkable achievement of technology, international collaboration, scientific endeavor and human bravery that the ISS has encapsulated during its time in space, and provides an insight into the beauty and majesty of witnessing earth from above," reads the official synopsis. "Caught under a giant magnifying glass, teams of scientists from different nations all work together towards a common scientific goal in extraordinary conditions. Cocooned in their revolving laboratory they are isolated from the world - family and friends - and can merely watch from a distance as life on Earth continues beneath them, and without them."

The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station is scheduled to arrive in theaters April 2021.