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WIRE Buzz: Pixar docuseries trailer; Robert Patrick joins Peacemaker; and His Dark Materials

By Nivea Serrao
Inside Pixar

Pixar has taken countless viewers into all kinds of new worlds, be it the shifting mind of a teenage girl, or the realm of toys when people aren't looking. But now, thanks to a new docuseries from Disney+, fans of the award-winning animation studio will get a chance to peek behind the curtain and learn just how the company creates its signature movie magic.

The aptly-titled Inside Pixar will be made of four "collections," each consisting of five short stories revolving around a central theme. The first collection, which drops on Disney+ on Nov. 13, is titled "Inspired" and will explore the journey of an idea, all the way from that initial spark of inspiration to its final execution.

And that's not all, viewers will learn. The trailer (above) for the series contains short glimpses of some of the behind-the-scenes process that went into creating Soul, Pixar's next big feature, which will hit Disney+ later this year on Christmas Day. 

Inside Pixar is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Erica Milsom and Tony Kaplan. 

Inside Pixar premieres on Nov. 13 on Disney+. 

And next, if the cast of DC's upcoming James Gunn-directed Suicide Squad movie wasn't star-studded enough, it looks like the spin-off series based on it is also going in a similar direction.

Deadline is reporting that Danielle Brooks (Orange Is the New Black) will be joining the cast of Peacemaker, HBO Max's upcoming series centering on John Cena's titular character from the movie. Brooks will be playing Leota Adebayo, an original character created for the series, seeing as her name doesn't flag any DC comics alarm bells. 

Danielle Brooks

Also joining the cast are Jennifer Holland (American Horror Story) as her Suicide Squad character A.R.G.U.S agent Emilia Harcourt, Robert Patrick (The X-Files, Terminator 2) as Auggie Smith, and Chris Conrad (Patriot) as the movie version of the character Adrian Chase AKA as the superhero Vigilante. 

The show will see Cena once again don his character's signature helmet as it explores the origins of the hero who seeks peace at any cost, no matter how many people he needs to take out in order to achieve it. He will be joined by Steve Agee (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), who will be reprising his role of James Economos, the warden of Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary. No news whether Agee's other character, King Shark, will also be making a small-screen appearance. 

James Gunn, an executive producer on the series, will write all eight episodes of the show, and will also be directing several of them. Also serving as EPs on the project are Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran with Cena co-executive producing. 

Suicide Squad hits theaters Aug. 6, 2021. No date has been set for Peacemaker

And finally, go deeper into the world(s) of His Dark Materials, with an HBO's newly released "My Daemon" app. 

The wellness-focused application will let fans discover their own daemons, the visual representation (and extension) of a person's soul which takes the form of various animals as they grow up, before settling on a final form when they're older. Once users discover their daemon's final form (and their name), they'll be able to interact with them further by answering questions about their current state, after which their daemons can suggest wellness-centred activities designed to benefit users mentally or physically. 

His Dark Materials: My Daemon

As users carry out their tasks, their daemons grow happier and happier, helping them bond further — not unlike the close bonds shared by various characters and their daemons in the HBO and BBC TV series. Fans can also mirror the "journeys" of their favorite characters on the show by performing a series of wellness-focused tasks that are tied to the activities of those same characters. 

His Dark Materials: My Daemon can also learn more about users' activities by integrating with Apple Health and Spotify, as well as incorporating augmented reality that allows fans to watch animations of their daemons as they interact with the world around them. 

His Dark Materials: My Daemon

His Dark Materials is based on the best-selling book series by author Philip Pullman and tells the story of a young girl called Lyra as she goes on a journey to rescue her friend Roger, and discovering new worlds in the process. 

The second season of His Dark Materials will premiere on Nov. 16 on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.