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WIRE BUZZ: Kirkman's Super Dinosaur; Image Comics' Undiscovered Country; Waxwork summons Jason

By Jeff Spry
Super Dinosaur

To whisk you into the weekend with a geeky smile, this edition of Wire Buzz is a tantalizing trio of tasty news items rounding up some noteworthy happenings in our playing field of prime entertainment and pop culture, including Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur animated series on Amazon, New Republic Pictures picking up Image Comics' upcoming Undiscovered Country, and Waxwork Records' deluxe vinyl score from Friday the 13th Part VI.

Firstly, Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment and global children’s content giant Spin Master Ltd. will deliver the kids' adventure series Super Dinosaur to Amazon Prime Video on October 6. Season 1 consists of 13 x 30-minute episodes available on the show’s launch day and is based on Kirkman and Jason Howard's titular Skybound/Image comic book. Super Dinosaur follows 10-year-old genius Derek Dynamo and his T-rex best buddy as they serve and protect Earth against evil.

Missing media item.

“Jason Howard and I created Super Dinosaur as something all kids would enjoy as much as our own kids do," Kirkman said in an official press release. "In doing so we were able to craft a world as immersive and engaging as the world of The Walking Dead ... but for kids! Our partners at Spin Master have helped Skybound prepare this world for a mass-audience and I'm so happy this series has landed at Amazon where I know it will thrive.”

Next up, New Republic Pictures has snatched up the rights to adapt Image's Undiscovered Country by New York Times bestselling writers Scott Snyder (Wytches, Dark Nights: Metal) and Charles Soule (Curse Words, The Oracle Year) with acclaimed artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (The Amazing Spider-Man, Darth Vader). The deal went down after a bidding war erupted for the hot property.

Snyder and Soule are also attached to adapt the screenplay and will act as executive producers alongside Camuncoli. 

undiscovered country

Undiscovered Country #1 arrives Nov. 6 and concerns a journey into an unknown region that was once the United States of America—a territory shrouded in mystery and walled off from the rest of the world for decades. A small expeditionary force treks into the former U.S. in search of a medical cure to a humanity-killing pandemic. As they march inward and discover shocking secrets of what America has become, each member seeks their own brand of truth in this undiscovered country.

Lastly, please your platter with a new premium vinyl release from Waxwork Records as they spin into the horror realm again with the Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Harry Manfredini.

This spooky soundtrack is available for the first time on vinyl, and is sourced from its pristine original 1986 master tapes. The cult classic follows Jason Voorhees, who, after accidentally being resurrected, stalks another group of horny camp counselors. This undead, supernatural iteration of Jason would become the standard for the masked maniac in upcoming sequels.

Waxwork Jason 1

Veteran Friday The 13th composer Manfredini summons forth his most bombastic score to date in the seminal slasher series. Working with a full orchestra and with the bigger budget to add updated sound design and electronic work, Manfredini ushers the franchise's music to malevolent new heights before his hiatus from the series.

Waxworks' premium set is pressed to two different 180-gram vinyl variants, Cemetery Splatter and Electric Purple Lightning, for hardcore fans to choose from, with all-new artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. It's nicely housed in exclusive packaging and is primed and ready to terrorize your turntable.  Available for pre-order now with an expected delivery in October.

Waxwork Jason