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SYFY WIRE Margot Robbie

WIRE Buzz: Netflix's Osmosis trailer; Margot Robbie's Big Gay Jamboree; more

By Christian Long

Margot Robbie's upcoming musical is moving forward. Deadline reports that Robbie's production banner, LuckyChap Entertainment, will be producing Big Gay Jamboree for Paramount Pictures.

The film follows a modern, raunchy young woman who finds herself trapped in a 1940s musical and has to figure out how to get back to the present day. The script comes from Maria Mindelle and Jonathan Parks-Ramage, with Alethea Jones attached to direct. Jones will also be helming the upcoming Barbie movie, which will be co-produced by Robbie, who will also play the eponymous doll.

However, Robbie isn't slated to star in Big Gay Jamboree, and will focus on her work behind the camera instead.

(via Deadline

Next up, there's a new teaser for Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, and it is definitely not the Pokémon we're used to. You can check it out for yourself here:

The film will hit theaters in Japan this summer and seems to be a vague retelling of Pokémon: The First Movie, which turns 20 this year. It's hard to say, exactly, given that the trailer's in Japanese, but the film has clearly embraced an all-new CG animation technique.

As of now, there are no plans for Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution to get a stateside release. Anyone who wants their CG Pokémon fix will have to settle for Detective Pikachu for the time being.

(h/t Polygon)

Speaking of trailers, Netflix has released one for yet another original series, Osmosis. The story takes place in a near-future Paris, where science has finally evolved to the point where it can find your soulmate.

A diverse cross-section of people are given an "exclusive opportunity" to use the tech, and they soon realize that finding scientifically distilled true love comes at a rather grim price.

Netflix has been spending literally billions of dollars on original content, and part of its game plan has included more international series that'll appeal to a more global audience, including projects like Osmosis. You can stream the French-language sci-fi series when it premieres on Netflix March 29.

(h/t Bloody Disgusting)