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WIRE BUZZ: Nightbreed series lands director; Room 104's animated take on werewolves; Snow Hollow

By James Comtois & Nivea Serrao
Vincent Keene as Lude in Nightbreed

Hollywood appears to be wanting to get back into the Clive Barker business. The filmmaker and author is seeing a renewed interest in his work. There’s a new Candyman film coming out (eventually). Hulu is adapting his Books of Blood. HBO is developing a Hellraiser series. And most recently, that long-awaited Nightbreed series finally moving forward. 

Barker has told that the series based on his 1990 film (which itself was an adaptation of his 1988 book Cabal) has landed Michael Dougherty (Godzilla: King of the Monsters) to direct. Dougherty is also a writer and executive producer on that upcoming Hellraiser series.

“It’s exciting, after 30 years, to go back to these characters and find out who’s still speaking to me, who wants their story told,” Barker told the outlet. “My tongue isn’t in my cheek when I say that as when I start a piece, it’s listening. The writing is a piece of listening, I’ve always said I was a journalist and what I was reporting on was the space between my ears.”

Barker is currently writing the series bible for Nightbreed, who’s penning the series along with Josh Stolberg.

The original film followed a young man who discovers a place called Midian that harbors a secret community of monsters hiding from the rest of humanity. And while the movie originally served as an allegory for the closeted LGBTQ community, the website notes that the small screen adaptation will focus on race relations (althgough it’s unclear whether this will be a complete change in focus or just a new element added to the original theme). Regardless, we're reasonably certain there’s going to be monsters. Lots and lots of monsters. It wouldn't be Midian without them.

HBO's Room 104 may be closing up for good soon, but that isn't stopping any big changes coming it's way. The penultimate episode of the genre-jumping anthology series — which airs Friday, Oct. 2 — from the Duplass Brothers is titled "Fur," and not only will it be an entirely horror-inspired animated tale, but it's also set to feature werewolves

According to TVLine, the episode takes place in 1987, following along as friends Finley and Grey break into the titular room that the entire series takes place in, so they can celebrate their last summer together before beginning high school. However, as the night unfolds, Grey's insecurities rise to the fore, especially when John, a popular jock comes over. 

"We had this idea for a long time about a werewolf story, and how it is oddly reminiscent of puberty in a lot of ways," said co-creator and executive producer Mark Duplass. "As soon as we said that [executive producer Mel Eslyn] was like. "Oh my God, I’m going to put two girls in the room and tell a feminist story with werewolves.’"

He went on to add: "[Mel] loves corny old animation, she loves karaoke and dancing, and she’s a kickass feminist. I was like, 'Mel, go make an animated episode where you just go bonkers.'"

Duplass credits HBO's support for this last departure from the previous live-action Room 104 fare. 

"It wasn’t something that we planned on being the series finale initially," said Duplass. "But once we realized what it was going to be, we shaped it into that and it became this perfect way to stick the landing of what Room 104 is."

Room 104 ran for four seasons on HBO, with each episode set in that particular room, but ranging from horror to comedy in terms of genre. 

The final episode of Room 104 airs Oct. 9 on HBO at 11 pm. 

And finally, The Wolf of Snow Hollow may be prowling around the community and committing vicious murders, but there's still very real horror to be found in the form of a rapidly growing number of unread emails, as can be seen in a clip from the film below.

In it, the late Robert Forster (Twin Peaks), in what is his last ever role, plays the sheriff of a small town, who's faced with having to solve the case of some gruesome murders, with all evidence pointing towards the killer possibly being a werewolf. Unfortunately for him, that's also not the only issue on his plate as he's also dealing with a failed marriage, a rebellious daughter, and a son who thinks he might need to start considering retirement.  

Jim Cummings (The Handmaid's Tale) wrote and directed movie, also starring as Officer John Marshall in it. Co-stars include Rikki Lindhome (Knives Out), Chloe East (Kevin Probably Saves the World), and Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal).

The Wolf of Snow Hollow makes its way to theaters and will be available on-demand on Oct. 9, 

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