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WIRE Buzz: Simpsons-MCU crossover; The CW developing '100' spinoff; and more

By Josh Weiss
Simpsons Thanos

The Simpsons Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are about to collide, SYFY WIRE has confirmed. An upcoming episode of Season 31 will feature guest roles for Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as Marvel Studios president/Marvel chief creative officer Kevin Feige.

First reported by TVLine, the episode (titled “Bart the Bad Guy” and airing February 23 on Fox) finds Bart (played by Nancy Cartwright) getting to see a highly anticipated superhero film before anyone else. As a result, he's able to blackmail others to do his bidding, lest he spoil the comic book movie for them. We suspect that Hank Azaria's Comic Book Guy will be among one of Bart's biggest victims.

The Russos will voice two studio executives who are prepared to do anything to prevent Bart from giving away plot elements. Feige, on the other hand, is voicing the movie's Thanos-esque bad guy, "Chinnos." You can check out his character design in the image below:

Kevin Feige The Simpsons

The Mad Titan wiped the Simpson family out of existence back in January during an opening couch gag.

The 100 will end after seven seasons on The CW, but the story won't really end there. According to Deadline, the network has ordered a backdoor pilot for a spinoff series inspired by the science fiction drama. Similar to the Arrow spinoff also in the works, the pilot will serve as one of the main episodes of Season 7.

The 100's showrunner/executive producer, Jason Rothenberg, is writing the episode, which will take place nearly 100 years (very fitting) before the events of the current show. Rothenberg will produce alongside Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. Warner Bros. TV, CBS Television Studios, and Alloy Entertainment are all helping foot the bill.

Jason Rothenberg

"It starts with the end of the world, a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth, and follows a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before," reads the description provided by Deadline.

Season 2 of gen:LOCK will enjoy its world premiere on HBO Max, Variety reports. The new episodes will be exclusively available on the streaming service for 90 days before heading over to Rooster Teeth's own subscription platform.

“We are proud to bring gen:Lock’s bold vision, inventive style, and extraordinary cast to HBO Max, and to build on the success that our partners at Rooster Teeth and Outlier Society have crafted so skillfully,” said Billy Wee, senior VP of original animation for HBO Max, in a statement published by Variety.

gen:LOCK Julian Chase

In the vein of GundamPower Rangers, and Voltron, gen:LOCK is a mecha-centric series (very much inspired by classic anime) that is executive-produced by Michael B. Jordan. The Black Panther actor also voices the project's main character, Julian Chase.

“We were blown away by the response to the first season of this show, both by the Rooster Teeth community and the Adult Swim audience, and cannot wait to bring it to more fans of action, sci-fi and mecha animation,” added Rooster Teeth co-founder Matt Hullum.