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WIRE Buzz: Four to join Stranger Things 4; Courteney Cox's Scream 3 homage; more

By James Comtois
Stranger Things S3

First up in this Netflix-centric Spooktacular Halloween edition of SYFY’s WIRE Buzz, the cast for Stranger Things, Netflix’s ultra-popular ‘80s nostalgiafest, is getting bigger. Citing unnamed sources, an item from TVLine is reporting that series creators the Duffer brothers are looking to cast four new male recurring roles, three teens and one adult, for its fourth season.

The Brothers D are said to be adding a jock, metalhead, and stoner to the Upside Down, while the adult will play a prominent part in a storyline set far away from the show’s home base of Hawkins, Indiana. A representative from Netflix declined to confirm or comment. 

No word yet on when Season 4 will make its way to Netflix, and production isn’t set to begin for a few months, so it’s going to be a bit of a while before we find out just exactly what happened to David Harbour’s Jim Hopper (among other unanswered questions with which the third season left us). 

Up next, in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, Scream queen Courteney Cox has taken to social media to offer a delightful homage to her character Gale Weathers from the self-aware horror franchise. In particular, her character’s horrible, horrible interesting haircut from Scream 3.

“It’s Halloween and I thought I’d get into the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies,” says Cox, in a video posted on Netflix’s Twitter account. “I chose Scream 3 and I noticed that Gale Weathers has those infamous bangs.”

Cox, who played the opportunistic and ambitious reporter from all four Wes Craven-helmed films, then shows her television, which features her as Gale with said, um, “infamous” bangs.

“I don’t think anything’s that wrong with it. I say, bring ‘em back,” says Cox before pulling out a pair of scissors to do some remodeling. And then ... you know what? Just watch for yourself until the end. It’s delightful. 

The first three Scream films are currently available to stream on Netflix. 

And finally, Netflix is launching a scripted podcast set in the narrative universe of Daybreak. Per Variety, which first broke the news, “The Only Podcast Left” will be the streaming giant’s foray into original scripted podcasting.

The six-episode podcast is designed to complement the post-apocalyptic series Daybreak and centers on a group of teen survivors from that world who, well, decide to create a podcast. Daybreak showrunner Aron Coleite will serve as an executive producer.

“Netflix is an amazing creative partner,” Coileite told Variety. “When they asked us to do a narrative podcast in the Daybreak world, we came back with the most insane idea we could think of and they didn’t even blink. In fact, they got even more excited about what we were trying to create.”

The podcast is scheduled to launch Nov. 7 and will stream exclusively on Spotify until Dec. 12 before becoming available via other platforms.

Happy Halloween, nerds!