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WIRE Buzz: The Stand drops Good vs Evil promo; Netflix heads to 'Alien Worlds'; Under Wraps remake at Disney

By Josh Weiss
Alexander Skarsgard The Stand

It's time to choose a side with the latest promo for CBS All Access' modern adaptation of The Stand. In just one minute, we're introduced to last surviving strongholds of humanity: the "good" Boulder Free Zone led by the wizened Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg) and the "evil" American west, where Randall Flagg (aka "The Dark Man," played by Alexander Skarsgård) rules with an iron fist.

Throughout this new batch of footage, we get a reference to Captain Trips (a weaponized strain of influenza that accidentally escapes from a government lab and kills off most of the world's population) and...wait a second, is that a glimpse of Donald "The Trashcan Man" Elbert at the 48-second mark? Sure looks like it!

Watch the latest teaser below:

Based on the rather prescient novel written by the one and only Stephen King, the six-part limited series boasts a knockout cast: James Marsden ("Stu Redman"), Amber Heard ("Nadine Cross"), Greg Kinnear ("Glen Bateman"), Odessa Young ("Frannie Goldsmith"), Henry Zaga ("Nick Andros"), Jovan Adepo ("Larry Underwood"), Owen Teague ("Harold Lauder"), Brad William Henke ("Tom Cullen"), and Nat Wolff ("Lloyd Henreid").

"I think it’s one of the great American novels. I think it’s sort of The Lord of the Rings, but in America," executive producer/director Josh Boone, told SYFY WIRE over the summer. "I’ve loved it my whole life [and] I carried it for many years to get it made — from Warner Bros. to CBS. In this way, it’s like New Mutants: When you deal with a large IP that costs a lot of money to make, the time that it takes to do it is just exponentially longer. You’re asking for more money and you’re asking for a brand name."

Showrun by Benjamin Cavell, The Stand premieres on CBS All Access Thursday, Dec. 17. Boone is directing the first and last episodes.

Tired of the same old docuseries about the world's natural beauty? In the market for some Planet Earth-esque programming beyond this planet? Netflix is here to help with the Season 1 trailer for Alien Worlds, a new show that puts a refreshing sci-fi twist on the traditional David Attenborough format. Using Earth-based creatures as a baseline, Alien Worlds imagines how life might evolve and adapt on other planets. It's a pretty neat premise and the CG used to create the alien beasties doesn't look to shabby neither. Remember Ivan Reitman's Evolution from 2001? Yeah, it's basically that.

Take a look:

Alien Worlds makes contact with Netflix Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Disney Channel is harkening way back to its earliest days with a remake of its very first original movie: 1997's Under Wraps. The new made-for-TV project will follow a trio of three 12-year-old friends (Gilbert, Marshall and Amy) as they accidentally revive a mummy they discover in a neighbor's basement a few days before Halloween. They lovingly dub him "Harold" and must protect their newfound friend from a band of criminals who want to capture the mummy and sell him to the highest bidder. Will the mummy-napped Harold be rescued and returned to his resting place by midnight on Halloween? We'll have to tune in and see!

Christian J. Simon (Sydney to the Max), Malachi Barton (Stuck in the Middle), Sophia Hammons (The Social Dilemma) and Phil Wright ("Disney Fam Jam") have all been cast as Gilbert, Marshall, Amy, and the mummy respectively.

Under Wraps introduced a generation of kids and families to what has become the backbone of our programming across the globe: Disney Channel Original Movies,” Lauren Kisilevsky, VP of Original Movies for Disney Channel, said in a statement. “We are excited to welcome our audience back into the Halloween spirit and celebrate the unlikely friendship between three kids and a mummy as they embark on an adventure and ultimately save the day.”

Production on the remake kicks off in Vancouver, Canada this month. Disney Channel plans to air the movie sometime next year. 

Alex Zamm (R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It) is directing, with Todd Y. Murata (Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever.) and Fernando Szew (Back of the Net) serving as executive producers for MarVista Entertainment. The script — based on the original film penned by Don Rhymer — was written by Zamm and William Robertson (Inspector Gadget 2).