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WIRE Buzz: Twitch streamer breaks world record; another Spawn movie update; and more

By Josh Weiss
Spawn Resurrection

The Twitch streamer known as "GiantWaffle" (real name: Andrew Bodine) recently broke the world record for longest livestream in history, with 573 hours of on-camera gameplay throughout the month of November. Jackson “JayBigs” Bigsby was the previous record holder this past August, with 569 hours of on-camera gameplay within the frame of a single month.

"30 Days. Thirty 19 Hour streams in a row. 570+ Hours Streamed. 3 Million Hours Watched. 10,000+ Subs. Streamvember 2019 is COMPLETE! TIME TO SLEEP!" wrote Bodine on Twitter yesterday.

He later followed that up with: "I love sleep."

"Last year, me and my community came up with the idea of 'Streamvember' as a challenge to myself to stream more," Bodine tells SYFY WIRE. "In 2018, we set a record around 460 hours. I told them at the end of the event in 2018 that I would be repeating this event yearly and that in 2019, we'd go for the most hours in the world. I did a lot of planning to figure out if 19 hours a day was even possible. It required me to fix my diet, practice a reduced sleep schedule, upgrading a lot of my hardware for failure redundancy, and stream content planning a month in advance."

"The lack of sleep was the hardest part, for sure," adds Bodine. "But what I really started to notice was my lack of time to stop and rest for a while. For 19 hours a day, it's go-go-go, the camera's on, and you're interacting with people all day and night. It really makes me appreciate the time I get to just stop for five minutes and relax without having to do anything."

Despite his amazing feat, which was even watched by his own grandmother, Andrew says that it won't be recognized by Guinness World Records.

"This kind of record is too difficult to set out a standard rule list for," he continues. "But I also don't believe it should even be recognized if you could. This will be the last time I attempt these kind of hours. It's not healthy long term and quite a few times it wasn't fun ... I feel a sense of pride in that fact that I laid out a quite a difficult task in front of me and was able to push through it till the end. Sometimes, you don't really understand how hard the journey will be until we start it."

To end out the year, Bodine will be participating in the latest expansion for Path of Exile. For this challenge, he'll be racing against other streamers to reach "max level."

For a full breakdown of Bodine's Streamvember achievement, click here.

Speaking with Be Terrific at Toy Fair 2019, Todd McFarlane offered yet another update on his long-gestating Spawn movie.

“I have people with money on the sidelines," McFarlane said, echoing comments he's made in years past. "There are people that are gonna help me make this movie. The question is, do we go into Hollywood, make a deal with Hollywood, and then go and make the production, and then come back? Or, do I take the outside money, go make it, and then come back to Hollywood?”

Even if he can't reach a deal with mainstream Hollywood studios, the famous comic book creator is determined to bring Al Simmons to the big screen in the R-rated outing he deserves.

“Either way, the movie’s coming," he continued, also adding that the latest writer/director had a few weeks left to finish the latest draft of the script. "It’s not an ‘if,’ it’s a ‘when.’ I just think that it would be better for the process if we could attach one of the studios in advance, and then go put it out. Because then we’d be able to make an announcement of the release date, and a couple things that matter to the fans, knowing that it’s coming instead of making it and then trying to get the release date later.”

Chatting with SYFY WIRE earlier this year, McFarlane talked about how he wants to keep the titular character hidden in the shadows for most of the first film.

"I keep wanting to maybe be a little too cute with how I introduce Spawn," he said. "A lot of people reading [the script] go, ‘I need to see more of him.’ I keep saying, ‘He’s just my boogeyman in this movie, and then once we get to Part II, then he’ll come full flight into the afternoon light. But [in] the first one, he’s hiding in the shadows until it’s the right time to come out.’"

Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were said to be attached to play Simmons and Twitch Williams, respectively, but everything is still up in the air right now.

Steven Allerick, a vet of Westworld and The Expanse, has been cast as the father of Snake Eyes in the upcoming G.I. Joe-inspired origin film, Deadline has confirmed. The titular character is being played by Henry Golding. 

Helmed by Robert Schwentke (Red), the project will co-feature the talents of Samara Weaving (Scarlett), Úrsula Corberó (The Baroness), Iko Uwais (Hard Master), Andrew Koji (Storm Shadow), Takehiro Hira, and Haruka Abe.

Steven Allerick

Allerick has also appeared on Jane the Virgin and Fear the Walking Dead. As a young actor, he starred as Simba in the Toronto production of Disney's The Lion King.

Snake Eyes is looking to hit theaters on Oct. 16, 2020.