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WIRE Buzz: Zoolander gets stylishly animated for CBS; Potter hits HBO Max; The Fear Collection

By Josh Weiss
Zoolander animated

We feel like we're taking crazy pills because CBS All Access is now streaming an animated Zoolander movie and somehow, we didn't even know it existed until today. Not only that, but the film features the voices of the original core cast: Ben Stiller (Derek Zoolander), Owen Wilson (Hansel McDonald), and Jerry Stiller (Maury Ballstein; the elder Stiller, who was father to Ben, sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago).

Styled in the same vein as the old Spider-Man and Johnny Quest TV shows of the 1960s, Zoolander: Super Model finds Derek and Hansel protecting the world from the dark forces of the fashion world. It's crazy, over-the-top, and just the thing you need after the lackluster live-action sequel in 2016.

You can check out the really, really ridiculously good-looking trailer below:

News of the project's streaming status was confirmed on Twitter by its animation house, Augenblick Studios. Like the previous two Zoolander flicks, the cartoon is packed with celebrity guests like Patton Oswalt, Tim Gunn, Christine Taylor, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Jon Daly, Heidi Klum, Jenny Slate, Andy Daly, and more.

HBO Max (launching today) has become even more magical with the inclusion of all eight Harry Potter films. According to Deadline, the movies based on J.K. Rowling's best-selling book series are now available to stream on the fresh subscription platform. That also applies to the two Potter spinoff films — Fantastic Beasts and its sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald.

"You can't have our experience without having Harry Potter be a part of it," Michael Quigley, head of WarnerMedia Entertainment content acquisitions, reportedly said (via THR) in January.

Harry Potter

It makes a ton of sense when you think about it: a Warner Bros. property available on a WarnerMedia-owned service. Obviousness aside, it's a no-brainer marketing move that will certainly draw in a good chunk of subscribers. HBO Max is fast becoming a one-stop shop for all WB content, old, new, original, animated, live-action — you name it.

Across all eight films, one special marathon event, and the two Fantastic Beasts movies, the Wizarding World film franchise has racked up over $9 billion at the global box office.

Variety brings word that Sony Pictures International and Amazon Prime Video are diving into the unknown of faceless, madness-inducing terrors with The Fear Collection, a horror film anthology from The Day of the Beast director Álex de la Iglesia. Under the deal, he'll be able to write, direct, and/or produce genre movies — the plan is to make two a year — which will then hit theaters in Spain (via Sony Iberia) before moving over to the country's iteration of Prime Video.

All international distribution is to be handled by Sony Pictures International.

Álex de la Iglesia

“It’s an ambitious project that I’ve been hauling around for years," de la Iglesia said in a statement to Variety. "The concept is to make a collection of films that unveil a universe of horror beyond time. The characters face supernatural forces that threaten humanity. The idea is to generate a label of films with a specific character, Cosmic Horror.”

“Álex is a true maestro of horror. The Fear Collection is the perfect platform for Álex and Sony Pictures International Productions to explore the boundaries of genre filmmaking in Spanish cinema,” added Laine Kline, head of Sony Pictures International Productions.

The Fear Collection is said to be attracting talent like de la Iglesia's usual writing partner, Jorge Guerricaechevarría; [REC] writer-director Jaume Balagueró; The Bride director Paula Ortiz; Veronica co-writer Fernando Navarro; and I Can Quit Whenever I Want director Carlos Theron. Whether any of these people end up as directors under the overall deal remains to be seen, but if they do, de la Iglesia will get a creative say in all of their projects.