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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman 1984

Punk rock fans have noticed a rogue T-shirt in Wonder Woman 1984, but don't worry, it was no gaffe

By Josh Weiss
Chris Pine Wonder Woman 1984

HBO Max viewers think they've identified a Game of Thrones/Mandalorian-style production gaffe in Wonder Woman 1984, but it's actually not a mistake at all.

During the montage in which a resurrected Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is marveling over the advancements of the future, he and Diana (Gal Gadot) pass a group of '80s-era punks in a D.C. subway station. One of the punks is wearing a Cro-Mags T-shirt, despite the fact that the band didn't release its album, The Age of Quarrel, until 1986 — two whole years after the sequel takes place. While viewers have been pointing this out on social media, former Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph took to Instagram to explain that he specially sent the shirt to writer-director Patty Jenkins to use in the movie.

"Had about 20 people tell me about this. Patty Jenkins director/writer (MonsterWonder Woman, etc.) is a good friend since the 80’s; she asked me to send her a Cro-Mag shirt for the new Wonder Woman 1984 released today," the singer wrote. "I sent her this Age of Quarrel tee-shirt. The original album (black cassette) was recorded in 1984. Me and Parris [Mayhew] (guitarist) paid for the recording. His father owned a pressing plant in Nashville and pressed up the tapes. Here’s some trivia too — I got Patty her first directing gig. It was for the band Leeway — "3 Wishes video." She went to film school in NYC, but grew up in DC [and] is a huge @badbrainsofficial fan too!"

Also posting on IG, band co-founder Harley Flanagan wrote: "Do people really think if I give a f*** if there's a timeline issue with Wonder Woman 84? LMFAO. WOW."

Wonder Woman 1984 also opened in select theaters around the U.S., bringing in over $16 million for the biggest weekend opening since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Internationally, the follow-up has made $68 million for a global box office haul of $85 million. As a result, Warner Bros. decided to fast track a third Wonder Woman film, with Jenkins and Gadot slated to return.