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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot teases Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds for stealing her signature look

By James Comtois
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Apparently Deadpool isn’t the only cheeky superhero out there poking fun at other costumed crime-fighters. Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot is joining in on the fun by playfully teasing the merc with the mouth on social media for stealing her signature look. On Twitter, Gadot has pointed out to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds that the pose he is striking in the red-band trailer for his upcoming sequel looks very, very familiar.

And it didn’t take too long before Reynolds responded to Wonder Woman’s accusation…in typical Deadpool fashion. 

Now, for the record, this is not the first time that DP has stolen someone’s iconic pose to peddle his wares. Nor is it the first time he’s poked fun at his fellow cinematic superheroes — let’s not forget the funny shade he threw at Superman’s mustache in the Deadpool 2 trailer introducing Josh Brolin's Cable. (“Why are the visual effects not done? It's a metal arm. It's not like we're trying to remove a mustache.”)

Of course, it’s now up to us to decide whether Wade or Diana looks better in the pose. Well, you know what? We’re passing that hot potato off to you, dear readers. So, let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Deadpool 2, which has been scoring high marks in recent test screenings, arrives in theaters May 18.