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First trailer for 'Wrong Turn' revival reminds us it's still not safe to go in the woods

By Nivea Serrao
Wrong Turn

Continuing the apparent trend that has become horror sequels retaining the same name as the original film that kicked off the franchise, the horror flick Wrong Turn is back and ready to freak us all out about going into the woods.

A reimagining of the 2003 gorefest-of-the-same-name that starred Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as one member of a small group of campers that is being stalked and hunted by a trio of inbred mountain-dwelling cannibals, it is the latest installment in what has now become a seven-movie (?!) series.

And much like the movie that kicked it all off, this Wrong Turn follows a young woman (Charlotte Vega, Warrior Nun) and her group of friends as they attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. And just like in every other movie since, it would appear that none of them has heeded the warning to stick to the trail, instead veering off course and unknowingly entering land held by another group of murderous mountain dwellers. Only this time, they're known as The Foundation, and they'll do anything to protect their way of life — including using deadly traps and tricks, as becomes quite apparent.

Check out the trailer and poster below:

So now it's up to Jen (Vega) and her friends to do all they can to stay alive (and far away from Fountain Members) until her father (Matthew Modine, Stranger Things) can reach them in time. If that's even possible.

Franchise creator Alan B. McElroy has written the script, which was directed by Mike P. Nelson.

Wrong Turn Revival Poster


Also in the cast are Adain Bradley (Riverdale), Bill Sage (Person of Interest), Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Dylan McTee (Roswell, New Mexico), Daisy Head (Shadow and Bone), and Tim DeZarn (The Cabin In the Woods).

Wrong Turns heads into theaters for only one night: Jan. 26, 2021. Tickets for the premiere will be available at Fathom Events and at movie theater box offices starting on Jan. 8. No word yet on a streaming release, though it stands to reason we'll hear something soon.

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