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2020 hit WWE 2K20 gamers with a crash-filled Y2K suplex

By Jacob Oller
WWE 2K20 screenshot

It may only be a new decade, but the fears of the new millennium are alive and well in 2020. In fact, the much-feared Y2K bug — which panicked computer nerds believed would screw up important systems (airlines, financial institutions, hospitals, etc.) worldwide thanks to date-based logic errors when the year changed from 1999 to 2000 — is still seeing its concept wreak havoc. In the new year, however, the biggest impact it’s having is on a wrestling video game.

Many players of 2K Games’ WWE 2K20 reported crashes as soon as the New Year ticked over on January 1, leading to an unplayable wrestling experience. Some realized that setting their system date back a day would reverse the problem. Others simply documented the myriad ways the game would cease to function.

Take a look:

Sure, playing a WWE game online perhaps isn't at the same caliber as some Y2K fears, but it's still no fun — especially for a game that's already suffered harsh reviews from fans and critics alike.

However, 2K responded relatively quickly to the reports, posting on Twitter that the problem had been fixed later that afternoon on New Year's Day:

Some commenters are still experiencing the crashes, but for the most part the Y2K20 bug (as players took to calling it) seemed to only be a brief piece of nostalgia for 1999 — and a minor pain in the neck for some early-morning wrestling fans.

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