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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp

Tacos are tasty! Wynonna Earp cast and crew celebrate start of filming for Season 4

By Brian Silliman
Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp

Tacos are tasty, and they are especially tasty when the cast and crew of SYFY's Wynonna Earp finally, at long last, get down to filming Season 4. 

The genre-bending Western/fantasy/horror thrill ride had some bumps along the way getting to the start of its fourth season, but the "Earpers" are loyal, fierce, and legion. The cast and crew are officially back on set, and to commemorate the occasion, many of them took to social media to celebrate. 

Showrunner Emily Andras tweeted, "Here we go. Let's get them back." She included a photo of the script for Episode 4.1 (titled as of now, "On The Road Again"), and used the hashtag "EarpNow." The previous hashtag had been "EarpSoon", but no longer! 

The official Twitter account for the series got in on the action, tweeting an image of series stars Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna) and Tim Rozon (Doc), bearing the caption, "The cast of #WynonnaEarp is gearing up for Season 4, and we KNOW you’re ready to join them." 

New castmember Andrew Phung tweeted, "Hi #Earpers, my name is Andrew Phung and I can’t wait to meet you in season 4 of #WynonnaEarp! Real talk, I can hardly hide my excitement about joining this show, this family, and this fight." He added a photo of himself holding a precious Wynonna script, which bore his name watermarked on it. 

Andras also tweeted to commemorate the official first day of shooting, writing, "Never give up." The image showed a framed photo of "WayHaught", aka Nicole Haught (Kat Barrell) and Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), next to a map of the Ghost River Triangle. 

The official Earp twitter account tweeted a video of Scrofano, who says she was ready get back and make a great Season 4, and also remarked on how much she missed the crew of the series. 

Tim Rozon tweeted a video of himself getting his hair and beard back into perfect Doc Holliday shape for the new season, writing, "And he's back." 

The official account documented the final piece of Rozon's transformation, however, which featured Rozon being reunited with Doc's hat. It just feels so right, for him, and for us. 

They also documented a video of Dominique Provost-Chalkley back on set, saying that is was so good to be back, and that she was "missing a very big part" of herself. 

Meanwhle, the other half of WayHaught, Kat Barrell, tweeted an image to fans of how Nicole is going to look this season. 

Before you start screaming "give me back my Nedley," rest assured that Nedley (Greg Lawson) is back as well, as evidenced by a photo tweeted by Rozon

Perhaps nothing summed up the feeling of the gang being reunited better than Andras retweeting an image of the cast, writing, "That feeling when your kids come home. We love you, Earpers. Let’s make a show. #EarpNow" 

What happened next? Day 2 of filming, naturally, and Andras was nice enough to also tweet an update on how that went. As she writes, "Day 2 of production: Toilet exploded while I was in the cold my parking garage door literally wouldn’t open...90 percent sure I only put deodorant under one arm...still Earpin’ thrilled to be back."

Rest easy, Earpers — you did it. Doc has his hat back, Wynonna has her Nedley, and WayHaught have each other as always. "EarpSoon" has officially become "EarpNow."