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X-Men comic writers commiserate over ‘unconnected gibberish’ of continuity

By Trent Moore
Age of X-Men

The movie franchise has always been hit and miss, but X-Men fans know that’s also been the case at times in the comics themselves — just ask the folks who’ve written some of those stories over the past few years.

After runs the past few years that saw everything from the OG X-Men time-displaced into the present to color-coordinated team pairings and plenty of weirdness in between, Marvel Comics is gearing up for yet another relaunch. This time, the X-Men will be put under the stewardship of A-lister Jonathan Hickman and artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva (via the upcoming House of X event). Hickman isn’t taking the job lightly, and has apparently spent some time trying to map out some hard and fast rules for how the world of the X-Men should work, basically bringing some organization to decades of chaos.

To that end, he took to Twitter to talk about just how weird it is to write a dissertation on what, exactly, constitutes “Omega Level” mutant powers.

Hickman’s tweet garnered a bit of attention around the comics community, most notably with other writers who have also tried their hand at making sense of the X-Men universe. Creators such as Zac Thompson (Age of X-Man) and Fabian Nicieza (X-Men, X-Force) jokingly chimed in, noting Hickman hit the nail on the head when it comes to the weird, wild legacy of the X-Men.

As for Hickman, if anyone can give the mutants a fresh start, it’s him. He’s created some acclaimed comics in his own right, and has put together extremely solid runs on Fantastic Four and the New Avengers over the years. He also masterminded the 2015 event Secret Wars, which deftly rewrote a whole bunch of Marvel continuity and streamlined some of the multiverse.

With a knowing nod to the past, Hickman and company will move the X-Men into the future with "an all-new redefining event" comprised of two upcoming intertwining stories, House of X and Powers of X, for which a new trailer conveniently dropped today:

X-Men House of X #1 arrives July 24th and Powers of X #1 arrives July 31st.