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Mike and Laura Allred blast into new sci-fi series X-Ray Robot

By Jeff Spry
Robot Hero

Prepare for a serious jolt of chaotic sci-fi fun in Mike and Laura Allred's new four-issue creator-owned miniseries for Dark Horse Comics, X-Ray Robot. Arriving on Mar. 25, this project marks the first new superhero created by Mike Allred since the triumphant debut of Madman back in 1992.  

The Allreds' high-voltage hero now joins the extended ranks of the husband-and-wife team's shared Madmaniverse and promises to be a wild ride into a turbulent multiverse in the true spirit of vintage Hollywood flicks of the '50s.

SYFY WIRE is presenting the exclusive reveal of the series trailer and convention exclusive "Nirvana's Nevermind" variant cover by Christian Ward debuting at ECCC, containing all the beautiful insanity that's certain to come.

Robot Cover

With dynamic letters via Nate Piekos and a clever B-style variant cover courtesy of Chris Samnee w/Matthew Wilson, X-Ray Robot also contains some sweet 3D pin-ups to collect!

The classic storyline introduces Dr. Max Wilding, a simple family man seeking a more adventurous life. While conducting a risky experiment with his robotics lab team to transport a robot across a dimensional barrier, the nature and fabric of reality is shredded before his very eyes. See for yourselves...

Adding to the mounting mayhem, an android figure appears that claims to be his 277-year-old self. 

This futuristic robot is able to “X-Ray” multiple dimensions and clashes with a mysterious nihilistic entity from another realm who wants to reduce all life back to its “Pre-Big Bang” state. Dr. Max and his odd robot doppelganger must now embark on a freaky interdimensional roadtrip through past and future to vanquish the “Nihilist” and save the entire universe!

Ward Variant

X-Ray Robot expands on my “Madmaniverse,” explains Mike Allred. "Some of the threads are more obvious than others, but most of my creator-owned work ties together. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to have someone familiar show up from my other “Madmaniverse” books like It Girl, The Atomics, Spaceman, Mr. Gum, or Red Rocket 7.”

Samnee Variant

Dark Horse Comics' X-Ray Robot #1 stomps into comic shops on Mar. 25.