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SYFY WIRE Y: The Last Man

'Y: The Last Man' searching for new home after FX cancellation as creators speak out: 'Please keep watching'

By Josh Weiss
Y: The Last Man 107 Still

FX has decided not to renew Y: The Last Man for a second season, but that doesn't necessarily mean the project is, like most of the men in its story, dead as a doornail. In a statement posted across social media over the weekend, showrunner Eliza Clark voiced her hope of finding a new home for the series — based on the comic of the same name by writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra — at another network or streaming platform. As of right now, it is exclusive to FX on Hulu.

"FX has been an amazing partner," Clark said. "We have loved working with them, and we're sad YTLM is not going forward at FX on Hulu. But we know someone else is going to be very lucky to have this team and this story. I have never experienced the remarkable solidarity of this many talented people. We are committed to finding Y its next home."

"While I’m disappointed, I know this extraordinary show that has so much to say, and that says it so well. We will find a great new home soon," tweeted cast member Amber Tamblyn (she plays Kimberly Campbell Cunningham, daughter of the late U.S. president). "Looking forward to the next chapter. If you’re with me, let the world know."

Taking to Instagram, Vaughn described the cancelation as "some unexpected hard news," though he is also remaining optimistic about the the show's future. He alluded to all of the numerous setbacks faced by the adaptation over the years (which includes the loss of its first duo of showrunners), in the following statement:

"This is not the first time in twenty years I’ve seen Yorick & co. escape the seemingly inescapable!. I love this show, and I’m very hopeful Y will find a new home, not just because it happens to employ more extraordinary women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community — both in front of and behind the camera — than any project I’ve ever been a part of, but because they’ve made something spectacular, the kind of thoughtful, contemporary, fearless evolution of the comic that @pia.guerra and I always wanted. These next three episodes are the very best of the season, so please keep watching, and if you want to see this journey continue as much as I do, we encourage you to let the world know."

Guerra added that "a show put together mostly by women with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, challenging a corrupt status quo, [and] demolishing the male gaze ... would freak out certain companies devoted to that base."

However, the illustrator went on to say she doesn't blame FX for pulling the plug on Y. Rather, she provided a thinly-veiled critique of the business interests above the team that programs FX. "It’s not FX," Guerra continued. "We chose to work with them because they were amazing and committed to creative freedom. I’m talking the ones who bought FX long after the deal was cut."

Writers and entertainers like Angélique Roché, Meredith Talusan, Callie Khouri, Nelini StampDavid Cross, Bob Odenkirk, and others showed their whole-hearted support for the series' continuation on social media.

The latest episode of Y: The Last Man (entitled "Ready. Aim. Fire.") is now available to stream via FX on Hulu. Only two more episodes of the first season remain. "Keep watching!" Clark exclaimed on Twitter. "Last three episodes are epic!"