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All the 'Yellowjackets' questions we hope the season finale answers

The season finale is upon us, and we need some closure.

By Matthew Jackson
Yellowjackets 110 PRESS

Yellowjackets has thrived on posing major story questions, planting seeds in the flashback storyline that might bloom or infect the narrative in the present. In doing, it layers and complicates the drama for its various characters in ways that are both unpredictable and addictive for fans. If we've learned anything from watching the hit series at this point, it's that it could be a very long time before we understand everything that went on in those woods, and that nothing anyone says about it in the present day can be taken entirely at face value.

That said, there are some especially pressing questions looming as we head into this weekend's Season 1 finale, questions whose answers will either resolve some narrative threads in Season 1, or set up new ones for us to get tangled in for Season 2 and beyond. So while we impatiently wait for Sunday's finale, here are the three biggest Yellowjackets mysteries keeping us up at night.

****SPOILER WARNING for the first nine episodes of Yellowjackets.****

1. Is Taissa possessed?

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It's been very clear for a long time now that something is up with Taissa Turner (Jasmin Savoy Brown in the past, Tawny Cypress in the present), the Yellowjackets-enforcer-turned Senate candidate. She has displayed a a troubling habit of sleepwalking in the middle of the night to shovel dirt (and likely other things) into her mouth, only to wake up the next day with no memory of what happened. We've seen several glimpses of this behavior, as well as hints that it may have turned violent — and possibly involve the fate of her family's dog at one point — but we've yet to get any real explanation for what's happening.

Yellowjackets thus far has planted strong evidence to suggest the show's mystery plot is fueled by possible supernatural elements, but it's also very clearly a depiction of how trauma, grief, time, and mental illness can distort what's really happening. Or what we perceive to be our reality.

So... what's the deal? Is Tai officially possessed? And if she's not, what events keep her reverting back to this state? Is it a family thing, tied to her grandmother and the memory of "the man with no eyes"? Is it a stress reaction triggered by the survivalist instinct that each Yellowjacket has to reach for in their own way. Or is it something truly supernatural? We seem to be on the verge of finding out, or at least finding out more.

2. Who accessed Travis' money?

Yellowjackets 110 PRESS

Near the beginning of the season, surviving Yellowjackets Misty (Christina Ricci) and Nat (Juliette Lewis) made a horrific discovery: The body of Travis, a fellow survivor who'd been plagued by the memories of the woods his whole adult life, only to die in some Yellowjackets-related way later. It's still not entirely clear whether or not Travis' death was a suicide or murder, but whether Travis killed himself or someone else killed him, we know that someone placed candles at the crime scene in the rough shape of that infamous cultish emblem that the group found out in the woods. We also know that someone has been draining Travis' bank accounts, and that Nat has enlisted the help of an old addict friend and high-up bank employee to find out who that person or persons may be.

So...who got hold of Travis' money? Is it someone else connected to the symbol, someone we haven't met? Is it another surviving Yellowjacket we have yet to see in the present? Or is it another red herring, someone who just happened to snag the poor guy's banking information and use it for their own gain? If it's either of the first two possibilities, we could be in for quite a ride in Season 2.

3. What's going to happen to Jackie?

Yellowjackets 110 PRESS

There are several candidates vying for Yellowjackets' Biggest Mystery crown going into the finale, but the leader has to be what will be Jackie's fate.

We've known for some time that Jackie (Ella Purnell), the team captain who is reduced to a less-than-useful member of the team when it comes to survival skills, doesn't make it to the present day. Though why and how she doesn't make it is still a matter of speculation.

Is she the girl that falls into the spike pit and becomes a sacrificial meal in the series premiere? Does she die by ritual murder later on? Does she die accidentally? Does she make it out of the woods only to die of some unspecified cause down the line? Is she just missing and her grieving parents still celebrate her birthday because they hope she's still alive somewhere?

Whatever fate has befallen Jackie, it seems likely that we'll learn at least a little more about it in the season finale. If not all of it.

The penultimate episode of Season 1 seemed to draw some rather tense battle lines between the members of the team, as Jackie and Nat briefly teamed up to stop the shroom-induced murder of Travis by the other girls. This temporary alliance, and the fallout of Travis' stayed execution/sacrifice, stirred some long-brewing animosity among our survivors. Throw in the always-prophetic Lottie's declaration that Jackie "doesn't belong" with them anymore, and you've got a recipe for... well, we'll watch and see.

Yellowjackets airs Sundays on Showtime.