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WATCH: Zachary Levi promises that Shazam would take down Superman in a fight

By Jordan Zakarin

Zachary Levi spent most of his life dreaming of playing a superhero, and now that he's finally promoting his own blockbuster comic book movie, it's clear that the 38-year-old actor has not been at all disappointed by the experience.

After playing a supporting role in two Thor movies, Levi steps into the spotlight as the title hero in Shazam!, by far the most colorful and lighthearted film in Warner Bros' DC cinematic universe. A teenager given the immense superpowers by an ancient wizard, Shazam — aka young Billy Batson — was for years one of the more obscure characters in the DC canon, in large part because it took years for rights issues to be worked out (once upon a time, he was known as Captain Marvel). But in the 1940s, he was the star of the top-selling comic title, with powers that rivaled the most fantastic of the Golden Age's greatest superheroes.

Shazam! returns the character to that prominence, and Levi — preternaturally enthusiastic — fully believes that Shazam can take on any superhero in a fight. As he told SYFY WIRE earlier this month, that includes his the most iconic and all-powerful DC Comics hero, Superman himself.

But not everything is so easy for Shazam — including bathroom breaks. Levi gave a candid answer about the challenges of life in a super-suit, a topic that director David Sanberg and producer Peter Safran were less excited to discuss. Meanwhile, co-stars Asher Angel, Mark Strong, and Jack Dylan Grazer told SYFY WIRE about their own on-set shenanigans and what they'd do with their own superpowers.