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SYFY WIRE Pet Sematary

Zelda (and other things) don't stay dead in new Pet Sematary TV spot

By Elizabeth Rayne
Pet Sematary

Nothing buried in sour ground is a corpse for long, whether it's a cat or a supposedly long-dead sister. Rachel Creed’s sister Zelda is — or at least was — dead. Now a new TV spot for Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s Pet Sematary unearths her, along with a few more undesirable things that will be clawing their way out of the dirt. Sometimes dead really is better.

In Stephen King's book and the upcoming film adaptation, Zelda (Alyssa Brooke Levine) suffered from spinal meningitis in life, but despite the disease, she is determined as anything to rise from the grave and come at her living sister in a blink-and-you’ll miss it moment. She even finds enough strength to clutch violently at Rachel’s leg. Is that really Zelda? Anyone who has either read Stephen King’s iconic novel or seen Mary Lambert’s original 1989 movie certainly knows the answer.

There are other glimpses of horror in this clip if you really watch. One of those creepy masked kids from the trailer turns to face you head-on, revealing a dog mask that may or may not be made out of the skin of a real dog.

The kids who have obviously forgotten it isn’t Halloween are far from the only things that threaten to keep you up at night. A shut door flashes before the face of a terrified Jud appears; you can only guess whether he’s freaking out at what is behind the door or something totally different and possibly worse. Disembodied hands clasp at the sides of an open window.

At about 0:11, you can also see what looks like Rachel wielding a monster knife. Is she going for Zelda? Is she even alive herself?

Pet Sematary is the unfortunate turn of events that happens after Dr. Louis Creed moves his family from Boston to Maine and discovers an abandoned burial ground that is better off left alone, but his neighbor Jud Crandall has other ideas. An evil that was once dormant soon emerges and triggers a deadly chain reaction.

The reanimated Pet Sematary crawls into theaters on April 5.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)