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SYFY WIRE Zoe Saldana

Margot Robbie goes full Harley Quinn as Zoe Bell unites genre stars in viral fight video

By Josh Weiss
Margot Robbie Birds of Prey

Zoe Bell, the New Zealand actress/stuntwoman known for Raze and her collaborations with Quentin Tarantino, literally kicked quarantine's butt with a viral video that pits Hollywood's biggest female stars (including two Black Widows) against one another.

The aptly named "Boss B*** Fight Challenge" is a clever mashup of separately-filmed videos from major actresses like Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Rosie Perez, Halle Berry Rosario Dawson, Margot Robbie, Zoe Saldana, and more. As you'll see below, each participant performs an "attack" in front of the camera, the result of which is matched by the next person on the list. In turn, they get to devise their own unique assault. For example, Robbie indulges her inner Harley Quinn by picking up the villain's trademark "Good Night" baseball bat, which she uses to brain Heidi Monkeymaker.

"This whole process has just felt like little explosions of joy, spreading from one person to the next (I am aware of the analogy I am making and I can’t think of anything more appropriate)," Bell said in an exclusive statement to SYFY WIRE. "That's not to say it was an easy process nor a straightforward one, but what a lesson in how beautifully things can come together when you have great, invested people and a common purpose. My mum would be over the moon."

Watch now and see how many celebs you can spot on the first go-around:

Following in the footsteps of a stuntmen-created video from last month, Bell's Boss B*** Fight Challenge is yet another instance of ingenuity in the time of the coronavirus.

"When Zoe Bell activates the Bat-Signal, you do NOT hang back!" KT Tunstall, who provided the video's music and appears at the very end in the loo, said in a statement of her own. "What an amazing thing to be part of. We had one night to get it done, and I absolutely loved editing one of my tracks to provide the soundtrack for this slice of epic brilliance starring so many iconic, badass babes. I promise to get off the toilet for the next one..."

With nothing but time on their hands, people in lockdown (regular citizens and seasoned filmmakers alike) have recreated Disney rideshorror movie scenes, and the opening of The Simpsons. Some, like director Mike Mendez, have even produced their own original features. Despite the fact that most Hollywood productions remain on indefinite hold (for our full list, click here), there's no shortage of creativity and entertainment during this difficult time.

Plus, it's nice to see Johansson and Pugh showing off their killer Black Widow skills, especially since the MCU project was supposed to hit theaters this weekend. It will now arrive in November.