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Dystopia never looked so good in first trailer for Peacock's 'Brave New World' series

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Apr 16, 2020, 9:41 AM EDT

A day after Peacock began its soft rollout ahead of its July 15 wide release, the NBCUniversal streamer has already dropped the first footage from one of its most high-profile original series — and it's a heavy hitter. Brave New World, an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's iconic literary dystopia, makes the first original footage seen from the new service sci-fi.

Starring Demi Moore, Solo's Alden Ehrenreich, Hannah John-Kamen, Jessica Brown Findlay, Harry Lloyd, and more, the tale of John the Savage and an updated society sold as a utopia is getting a fittingly futuristic turn from showrunner David Wiener. Welcome to New London.

Take a look:

"Everyone belongs to everyone else," sounds just new-agey enough to woo a lot of people. And it definitely has in this Brave New World.

As in any good future society, everyone wears all-white (when they're wearing anything at all). The orgy-filled bacchanal is certainly one way to make a peaceful society...if of course, it truly is such a thing. As John ventures from the slums of The Savage Lands, things begin to turn upside-down over the course of the series. And boy, it's sure great to see Ehrenreich back in another genre franchise.

While the teaser doesn't say Brave New World will be a launch title, it does say it's coming soon — so it hopefully won't be too long after Peacock goes wide for its full launch on July 15.

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