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Beijing Olympics 2022: Team USA nerds out on superheroes

When the athletes of Team USA aren’t training and competing for gold, they’re nerding out.

Team USA Nerds Out on Super Heroes

Many of us can only imagine the time and effort professional athletes put into their training. So, it makes sense that these world-class athletes spend their downtime in worlds such as the Star Wars galaxy and Marvel universe. For a few, their love started early and has only grown as each universe continues to become more complex.

We’ll be rooting for Team USA no matter what, but their love for superheroes makes us love them even more. Ahead of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, SYFY sat down with a few athletes to hear which superhero they’d want to train with most.  

Like true super athletes, luger Emily Sweeney and snowboarder Mike Schultz kept their answers strategic by choosing Superman or Supergirl and Iron Man, respectively, to learn how to fly through their events. Snowboarder Red Gerard chose ultimate protection from wipeouts as his superpower of choice. Understandable.

Figure skater Karen Chen felt Wonder Woman or Black Widow's abilities would be most helpful in her Olympic journey. And American Hockey player Brody Roybal likes to keep his training fun and challenging, so it makes sense why his partner of choice is Loki.

Although these athletes didn't get the opportunity to train with superheroes this year, that hasn't made the 2022 Winter Olympics any less epic. Watch the Beijing Olympics now through Sunday, Feb. 20 on NBC and Peacock for live, around-the-clock coverage.