S3 - E14

Through the Eyes of A Killer

When 19-year-old Amie Hoffman is found stabbed to death in a reservoir, Detective Jim Moore, a seasoned cop, is assigned to the state-wide task force assembled to hunt for her killer. But there are very few leads. A witness has seen a suspicious man lurking in a beaten up green Chevy in the parking lot from where she was abducted and that is it. Meanwhile, a friend of Amie’s parents contacts local psychic Nancy Weber to see if she can help. Nancy has an extraordinary reputation; for years she worked as a nurse with seriously disturbed psychiatric patients and is known, even to the police, as a woman with a gift for seeing through the eyes of the criminally insane. Immediately she has a vision: Amie was stabbed to death and repeatedly raped.

Aired: 09/18/2013
TV-14 |