S3 - E15

The Innocent

When Jenni Coffeen and her family moved into a lovely new home in Chilton, Wisconsin, she had no idea she would help uncover the decades-old murder of a child. Soon after moving into her new home, Jenni and her family begin experiencing unexplained phenomena- knocking in the basement, an unseen child crying and whispering, ghostly handprints and rearranged objects. When Jenni meets Kari Skinner, who lived in Jenni’s home as a foster child many years before, the ghostly occurrences start to make sense. Jenni’s two-year old brother, Kris, mysteriously died in the home many years ago, a death blamed on Kari. Recognizing a miscarriage of justice, the two women bring the long forgotten death to the attention of authorities. When the investigation concludes, Jenni and Kari’s lives will never be the same!

Aired: 09/25/2013